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Chapter 4: At a Time Like This?

The first question:

Can a woman really drive a man crazy?

It depends on the man. If he is wise he becomes a henpecked husband; if he is not so wise, then there is no other way than to be crazy. That’s why ninety-nine point nine percent of men decide to be henpecked husbands - just to survive.

Nothing is wrong with the woman; she is not deliberately trying to drive you crazy. Just their minds function in a totally different way. In fact, that is their attraction; their polarities function like a magnetic field. The more different a woman is, the more she will attract you. If she is just like you, thinks the way you think, the attraction will be lost. There will be no tension; the relationship will collapse.

The relationship is like an arch. When you make an arch you put bricks against each other; their very opposition creates the strength, and the arch can support the whole building. But the strength depends on the opposition.

A living relationship between a man and a woman is bound to be a little bit crazy. Man cannot drive the woman crazy because his argument, his way of thinking is logical. The woman’s way of thinking is illogical, but that is her way; that’s how she is made. She functions instinctively at the lowest and intuitively at the highest. Man functions intellectually at the lowest and intelligently at the highest. The way of instinct and intuition is the way of illogic. Logic cannot drive the illogical person crazy; if anything is going to happen it is going to happen to the logical mind.

Craziness is part of the logical mind. Craziness simply means your logic is no more functioning and you are at a loss what to do. You love the woman, you would not like to lose her at any cost. You feel for her, you try in every way to understand her. But whatsoever you do you are also helpless - you can do only logically. And logically she is not comprehensible; that way she is mysterious, very mysterious. You can devote your whole life in studying a single woman and you will not be able to figure out what is what.

She never tries to understand you. The illogical functioning of the psyche is not interested in understanding; it simply reaches to the conclusions without any procedures - it jumps to the conclusions. And the miracle is that the woman is almost always right and you are almost always wrong. That drives you crazy! And you have been functioning so logically, mathematically, step by step; still your conclusion is not right.

One woman won the lottery. When the husband came he was surprised. How she managed, he asked.

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