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Chapter 6: The Bridge of Love and Laughter

Supreme action with supreme relaxation - on the surface great action is happening; in the depth nothing is happening or only nothing is happening. Creative quietude is the supreme action, the precious suppleness, simplicity, spontaneity and freedom that flows from us, or rather through us, whenever private egos and conscious efforts yield to a power not their own.

Yielding to a power not of your own, surrendering to a power that is beyond you, is creativity. Meditation is creativity. And when the ego disappears, the wound in you disappears; you are healed, you are whole. The ego is your dis-ease. And when the ego disappears you are no longer dormant, you start flowing. You start flowing with the immense flow of existence.

Norbert Weiner has said, “We are not stuff that abides, but patterns that perpetuate themselves; whirlpools of water in an ever-flowing river.”

Then you are not an ego but an event or a process of events. Then you are a process, not a thing. Consciousness is not a thing, it is a process; and we have made it a thing. The moment you call it “I” it becomes a thing - defined, bounded, dormant, stagnant. And you start dying. The ego is your death. And the death of the ego is your real life. And real life is creativity.

You need not go to any school to learn creativity. All that you need is to go withinwards and help the ego dissolve. Don’t support it, don’t go on strengthening and nourishing it. And whenever the ego is not, all is truth, all is beautiful, and then whatsoever happens is good.

And I am not saying that you will all become Picassos or Shakespeares, I am not saying that. A few of you will become painters, a few of you will become singers, a few of you will become musicians, a few of you dancers - but that is not the point. Each of you will become creative in his own way. You may be a cook, but then there will be creativity. Or you may be just a cleaner, but then there will be creativity. There will be no boredom. You will become inventive in small things. Even in cleaning there will be a kind of worship, a prayerfulness. So whatsoever you do then will have the taste of creativity.

We don’t need many painters. If all turn out to be painters, life will become very difficult. We don’t need many poets. We need gardeners, we need farmers, and we need all kinds of people. But each person can be creative. If he is meditative, egoless, then the beyond starts flowing through him. According to his capacities, according to his potential, existence starts taking forms.

And then all is good. You need not become famous. A really creative person does not care a bit about becoming famous; there is no need. He is so tremendously fulfilled in whatsoever he is doing, he is so content in whatsoever he is and wherever he is, that there is no question of desire. When you are creative, desires disappear. When you are creative, ambitions disappear. When you are creative, you are already that which you always wanted to be.

The second question.

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