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Chapter 7: Any Moment!

When you see the rose opening in the early morning sun, see it, let it have an impact, allow it to go deepest in you! Let its rosiness overpower you, overwhelm you. Don’t say anything! Wait. Be patient. Be open. Absorb. Let the rose reach you, and you reach to the rose. Let there be a meeting, a communion of two beings - the rose and you. Let there be a penetration, an interpenetration.

And remember: the deeper the rose goes in you, the deeper you can go into the rose; it is always in the same proportion. A moment comes when you don’t know who is the rose and who is the spectator. A moment comes when you become the rose and the rose becomes you, when the observer is the observed, when all duality disappears. In that moment you will know the reality, the suchness of the rose. Then, catch hold of your language, catch hold of your art. If you are a painter, then take your brush and color and your canvas, and paint it. If you are a poet, then rush into your factual memory for right words so that you can express this experience.

But while the experience is happening, don’t go on talking inside yourself. The inner talk will be an interference. You will never know the rose in its intensity and depth. You will know only the superficial, the shallow. And if you know the shallow, the shallow is going to be your expression; your art will not be of much value.

You ask me: “But in giving up memory I must also give up my creative imagination.”

You don’t understand the meaning of “creative.” Creative means the new, the novel, the original; creative means the fresh, the unknown. You have to be open for it, vulnerable for it.

Put aside the memory. Its use is later on. Right now it will be an interference.

Right now, for instance, you are listening to me put your memory aside. When you are listening to me, are you repeating inside yourself all the mathematics that you know? Are you counting figures inside? Are you repeating geography that you know? Are you repeating history that you know? You have put them aside. Do the same with language too, as you do with history and mathematics and geography. Do the same with language - do the same with your memory! Put it aside! It will be needed, but when it is needed, only then use it. Put the whole mind aside!

You are not destroying the mind: you are simply giving it a rest. It is not needed. You can give it a holiday. You can say to the mind, “Rest for one hour and let me listen. And when I have listened, when I have absorbed, when I have eaten and drunk, then I will recall you, then your help will be needed - your language, your knowledge, your information will be needed. Then I am going to paint a picture or write a poem, or write a book, but right now, you can rest.” And the mind will be more fresh after a rest. You don’t allow the mind rest, that’s why your mind remains mediocre.

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