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Chapter 8: Another Sunday

Ordinarily people can’t allow a day of rest for themselves because they feel so condemnatory about themselves, they feel so unworthy because they have not done anything worthwhile, that they have not experienced any fulfillment, nothing has happened, they have not blossomed. Hence continuous occupation, continuous activity is needed.

Many people go on working and working and working and one day they die.because their work is not creative. When is the work creative? The work is creative when you love it, the work is creative when you feel in tune with it, the work is creative when you enjoy it, the work is creative when you choose it, when it fits with your being and there is a great harmony between you and your work. Once that happens, whatsoever you do is creative. And when after each creative moment you can relax, that relaxation is earned. Yes, God earned relaxation for the seventh day. For six days he worked hard, he created the whole world; on the seventh day he had earned relaxation, he was worthy of it. That’s the meaning of the parable.

If you are creative only then can you have holidays, not otherwise. If you want to have holidays become more and more creative. I am not saying be creative in the eyes of others - that is irrelevant - just be creative in your own eyes, whatsoever you do. If you love it then do it, otherwise don’t do it, choose some other way. Life is vast. Says Jesus, “There are many mansions in my God’s house.” There are many dimensions in life. There is enough opportunity to choose.

If you are not feeling fulfilled in something that you are doing, then don’t do it, because this will be a sheer wastage and you will not have earned holidays. A man who has lived according to his being, who has done his own thing, earns death. Then he dies, but the death is a Sunday; then he dies, but he dies fulfilled. He has no complaints. He lived the way he wanted to live.

If I am going to die and God asks me, “If I send you back, how would you like to live?” I will say, “The same. I loved it. I enjoyed it. I would like to live the same way.”

Just think about you. If you die and God asks you, “If you are sent back to the world what changes would you like to make in your life?” Will you be able to say that you would like to live the same way, absolutely the same way? If not, then you are doing something wrong with your life. Then you are dragging your life, then you are not living it. Then you are simply killing time, as they say. Then you are simply wasting your energies, they are simply dissipated. They will not become an integral force and there is not going to be any blossoming - your tree is going to remain without any fruits and flowers. Then how can you be happy and how can you enjoy?

Time as a holy opportunity, that is the meaning of holiday - a holy day, a day which is not profane, a day which is not ordinary. And once you know how to be creative, each moment becomes holy.

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