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Chapter 13: Truth Is Beyond Words

Through silence it can be translated and transmitted only to people who know what silence is, who are meditative, who are in tune with me. Then there is a possibility of transferring. But people who don’t know anything of inner silence need words. And the problem is that no word is capable of translating the inner experience. All words become lies the moment you start saying something true. Truth is beyond words.

So what I do with words is to demolish prejudices, and I am really hard in demolishing prejudices. I am not concerned with the people I attack; I am concerned with my people. When I attack Jesus Christ I am attacking the Christian who is hidden behind my people. I have nothing to do with Jesus Christ; he has done no harm to me, and we have never been in any communication - friendly or otherwise. But every one of my people is carrying something of Jesus Christ, something of Adolf Hitler, and something of Buddha. I have to shock these people, and only through shocking them can they be awakened.

Do you mind sometimes when your teaching is misunderstood?

No, I never mind, because I always expect that it will be misunderstood.

If you decide to go into silent communication, or to go away from the sannyasins, would you mind if the movement of the neo-sannyasins would then be dissipated?

I don’t mind. I am absolutely non-serious about everything. I take life just as a play. It is good.

We have to repeat that, I’m sorry.

[a brief conversation between the crew and the questioner]

I’m sorry I interrupted you.

Nothing to be - he had told you, you didn’t listen!

That is because I tried to listen to you.

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