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Chapter 14: As Below, So Above

But who makes the rules of the game? - bigger dacoits and bigger Vikings. Who are these people: Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nadirshah, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ivan the Terrible, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Ronald Reagan.Do you call them dacoits, Vikings, or not? Just because they are clever enough to befool the masses, clever enough to dominate nations.. Napoleon Bonaparte used to say, “My word is the law.” All these people, whether they say it or not, know perfectly well that they decide the rules of the game.

Anybody who does not play the game according to their rules becomes a criminal. But he is not a rebel; he is simply not well-educated, he is simply not well-cultured. He does not know how to be a successful hypocrite. He may be a simple human being, but he also has ambitions. And he does not know that he can fulfill his ambitions by the ordinary pathways to success - he is not that intelligent. He finds a shortcut: he becomes a dacoit, he becomes a thief, he becomes a Viking. These are shortcuts to power, to fulfill ambitions, to be successful, to be rich, to be powerful.

The descendants of these dacoits - if these dacoits were big enough, great enough - became kings, queens and royal families. All the royal blood around the world belongs to the dacoits and the Vikings. You just have to go back to their forefathers, and you will find that in the beginning they were criminals who managed to be successful in controlling money, land, people.

The rebel is simply against the whole game, not against the rules. He is rebelling against the game itself. He is saying that the game itself is criminal, that this society is not yet civilized, not yet cultured - it is still barbarous.

You are also asking, “Are they born that way or made, turned into rebels?” The first thing I have canceled - they are not rebels. But whoever they are, they are born that way. They bring the seeds with their birth.

The latest research in biochemistry is immensely revealing. It says that to punish a criminal is simply unscientific, inhuman. The criminal is the way he is, not because of his own will, it is his chemistry - he has inherited it. It is his hormones, his biology; it is his physiology, about which he cannot do anything. He is simply a victim of unconscious forces of nature. The more research that is being done about murderers, about rapists, about dacoits, the more it is becoming clear that they are born that way and punishment is not going to change them.

History is a witness that all our systems of punishment have utterly failed; they have never reformed any individual. On the contrary, our jails have become universities of crime where novices enter, amateurs enter, and come out seasoned criminals - well-qualified graduates under great criminal teachers inside the jail. You are sending amateurs to live with very experienced criminals.

In the jails, the whole atmosphere says one thing: to commit a crime is not crime, but to be caught is a crime. So learn the art of how to commit a crime without being caught, and then there is no question of your being a criminal.

The research categorically proves that our whole system of justice is a system of injustice, and that our whole idea of reforming people through punishment is absurd and stupid. It is not well founded on either reason or science.

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