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Chapter 9: The Ultimate Freedom

The strange thing is that even though it is simple and easy to reach through the householder’s path, no attention has yet been paid to it. Up to now, religion has suffered from the extreme influence of those who have renounced the world. Religion could not evolve for the benefit of the householder. Had it been evolved for the sake of the householder, before the very first moment of birth we would have considered what kind of soul we wanted to invite, what kind of soul we wanted to beckon, what type of soul we wanted to allow to enter life.

If religion could be taught rightly and if every individual could be given right thought, right concept and vision, within twenty years we can create a totally new generation of people. One who enters into sex without first extending a loving invitation to the incoming soul is a sinner. He is a criminal, and his children are illegitimate even though they may be born in wedlock. That man who has not given birth to his children with an utterly prayerful and reverent heart is a criminal - and he will remain a criminal before all generations.

Our entire future depends upon what kind of soul enters the womb. We care about children’s education, about their clothes, about their health and nutrition, but we have completely given up on caring about what kind of soul a child would have. We cannot hope for a better human race this way. So there is no need to worry much about how to enter another body; rather, be concerned about how you have entered this very body of yours.

In this context, a friend has asked:

Can we know about our past lives?

We can certainly know about our past lives, but at present you know nothing even about this life. Knowing past lives is far more difficult. Man can, of course, know about his past lives, because once something is imprinted in the form of a memory on our minds, it is never destroyed. It always remains in our deep unconscious levels. Whatsoever we have known, we never forget.

If I ask you what you did on January 1, twenty years ago, perhaps you won’t be able to answer. You might say, “I don’t remember anything. I have absolutely no idea what I did on January 1.” But if you could be hypnotized.and it can be done easily. Thus, by making you unconscious, were I to ask what you did on that day, you would give me the whole day’s account as if the first of January were passing before your eyes right at that moment. Also you would be able to tell me that on the first of January your morning tea contained a little less sugar. You would even be able to say that the man who brought your tea stank with perspiration. You would be able to point out such minor details - like the shoe you were wearing was hurting your foot.

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