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Chapter 44: The Very Perfume of Love

I cannot say to you to render unto Caesar what belongs to him because nothing belongs to him, and your so-called Caesars are just great robbers - so big that the law cannot catch hold of them.

All your political leaders are criminals, but they are the ones who determine the law of the country and they are the ones who punish the small robbers.

One never thinks of how all these royal families and royal blood came into existence. Nature does not produce royal families separately, neither is there any such thing as royal blood. There are different kinds of blood, but there is not any category for royal blood. What is today a royal family was once a robber’s gang, a mafia; it possessed land, it killed people, it possessed people, and slowly, slowly there was no need for them to remain robbers. They had got enough, and they were respected out of fear.

In the long history slowly, slowly they settled as royal families. Their blood became special.

And still even in the twentieth century things have not changed. Just as kings and queens have come from robbers’ generations, the politicians are coming from other sources of criminality.

So I cannot say to you that Caesar has to have rendered what belongs to him. Nothing belongs to him and nothing has to be rendered to him.

That has been the old compromising attitude - why get into trouble, give to the Caesar what belongs to him, and in return he gives you safety, security.

If you are really disturbed and feeling sincerely that there is something criminal in it, then move to something which is not taxable. For example, cultivation in many countries is not taxable.

It will not give you so much money, and it will make you have to work hard just to earn your bread, but you will have a great blissfulness and peace, integrity and individuality. You are producing, you are creative, you are helping yourself and you are helping others; but you are not helping the criminals.

And in every nation there are things which are not taxable.

People should start moving towards those things which are not taxable. That will weaken the powers of criminal politicians.

To exist in this world without compromising is certainly getting into trouble, but it is worth it. It is immensely valuable. We need people who are ready to get into trouble but they will not compromise; these are the real salt of the earth - humanity can be proud of them.

There seem to be connected stages through which man has passed - from tribe to family to commune, from magico-religions to pseudo-religions to the religionless religion, and from nomadic hunter-gatherer to the agriculturalist, and now to the existential gypsy.
Are these trends really connected?

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