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Chapter 16: The Sacredness of Love

And this is only one bank account. Who knows? - they may be having other bank accounts. One of Sheela’s colleagues - in India she was a friend of Sheela’s, when Sheela was nobody.this Italian girl, Deeksha, was an important figure in the Indian commune, and she had lived for years in Geneva, she had connections in Switzerland. Now she has informed us that Sheela was doing business in smuggling heroin and gold; and she must have earned millions, which must be in some other account. And the strange fact is, since that information we have been searching for Deeksha for ten days. her mother knows not where she is. All her friends we have contacted, nobody knows where she is. Either she has been killed by this gang, doped, drugged, kept a prisoner.but we are sending Swiss sannyasins to look in all possible places in Geneva to find out what happened to her. Just after her phone call - because she had phoned, “I am coming tomorrow” - she simply disappeared. but Sheela’s other secretary, who used to work in India as her secretary, reached here yesterday: she had all the information. Forty-three million - that is her information. And she has much more to reveal. We said, “You just rest” - because she is suffering from cancer. “Rest one day, and then by and by recollect everything, so you can give it to the police.”

We will not leave them. We can leave them very easily if they come and confess; then they can become part again of the commune, and we will stand with them in the court and tell the court that they were just psychologically sick. Because they have done so much good work.the whole commune is their creation, they made this desert change into an oasis. So the whole credit goes to them, in spite of all the crimes that they committed. Those crimes are a very small part of their actions. And I am not angry with them, I understand human nature much more than that. It is very easy to be tempted when you have millions of dollars which you have never seen before. Sheela was only a waitress in an ordinary restaurant. Now having millions of dollars pouring in every day - two hundred million dollars we have put into the commune here. It is how the ordinary human mind thinks, and particularly the mind of a woman, to put some money here, some money there. It is not much.

And then the pressure of the hostile forces around also has fifty percent of the responsibility for all the crimes that they committed. Ordinarily we think that a criminal has one hundred percent responsibility. That is never true. The Oregonians were behaving in a very hostile way, full of hatred; every day threatening messages that they would kill, they would destroy the whole commune, they would burn the whole commune. Naturally the people who were in power would start thinking how to protect the commune, what to do. And when you think about dealing with criminals, you start thinking in the same way, because that is the only language that criminals will understand. They started behaving like politicians and criminals - which are of the same category: if you are successful, you are a politician, if you are not successful you are a criminal.

These politicians were harassing Sheela and her group in every possible way; she started learning their tactics. It is not good, because this is being manipulated unconsciously - but you need a better consciousness, a higher state of consciousness, not to be manipulated by a lower type of people. Because they were threatening that they would destroy Rajneeshpuram, Sheela’s group started purchasing properties in Antelope just as a counterattack. And when sannyasins were in the majority, she took over Antelope. She proved to them that she is a far better politician than they are: they have not been able to destroy this commune, but she had taken over Antelope. And then her ambition became bigger and bigger.

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