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Chapter 13: Don’t Believe in Me

A sannyasin, Ava. And she is going to reveal everything about the whole group, because she was the most intimate in the group, and she knows about everything that has happened.

Is she the one that told you of the murder plots?


Have you been interviewed yet by the FBI or the Oregon state police?

They seem to be afraid of me. Four times they have - on my request. They have not requested me for an interview, on the contrary I have requested. Four times they made an arrangement and canceled at the last moment.

Isn’t one of your conditions that the press be present during that interview?

That was only the last time: when they canceled the fourth time, I said, “Now, this is too much. I am requesting you, not you requesting me, and you go on canceling, so what is cooking behind it? Why are you afraid of me?”

So I told them, “Now, a fourth time you cancel it, then I am going to call a press conference, and tell everything to the press conference. You are trying to hide something. It seems there is a conspiracy against the commune - by both the governor and the United States attorney - to protect the criminals who have escaped and somehow involve innocent people. They are trying to arrest one thousand sannyasins who have nothing to do with all those crimes, just to disrupt the whole community.

There’s a rumor around that the National Guard is being mobilized in Madras.

Yes, they are keeping the National Guard on alert, and mobilizing it in Madras. I know it, I have heard about it. The governor is thinking of declaring a state of emergency in Rajneeshpuram - where everything is peaceful and no emergency is needed. Our sannyasins are going to the police on their own accord and revealing whatsoever they know.

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