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Chapter 4: The Power of Love

They were trying to culture AIDS virus. One wonders for what. Two persons from the commune who have been found by Sheela’s assistant, Puja, who is a medical person, as positive confirmed AIDS patients. When Sheela left, we let them tested again outside. Both are negative. Strange, where the virus has disappeared? It has disappeared with those twenty people? It seems their blood before sending for test was mixed with AIDS virus. And the reason seems to be that those two persons were just experimental the way scientists use guinea pigs, rats, they were using human beings. Perhaps there was a desire that if they cannot rule the commune, then they will destroy it.

Just the other day in Patanjali Lake, five hundred big fishes, beautiful fish, suddenly died. It seems poison has been dumped there. Otherwise there seems to be no reason for those fish to die simultaneously.

I wanted to say all these things to FBI and all other state government agencies and wanted them to ask me, interrogate me, so I can go into details. But they are not interested in the criminals. Their interest is that somehow the criminals has escaped, it is good. Now find people who have done small things, for example, this girl who has driven two people who burned the planning office, now give her immunity and make her say that who were those two people, any two people they choose.

That’s what they are trying to do with K.D. K.D. has not gone with Sheela’s group, he is hiding in California and trying to make a deal. He is a politician. He is trying to make a deal with the attorney general that, “If you give me immunity, then whatever you say, I will say.”

I would like the press to support this small minority against the whole dirty political regime. Help so that real criminals can be caught and should not be protected and make it sure that no innocent people are harassed.

That is the desire of the attorney general. That’s why they never wanted to interview me. I wanted them first to interview me before the press so the whole public knows. What is the fear? I should be afraid. Why you should be afraid? They refused that, they refused video, they refused taking a tape and finally, they refused that they don’t want to take my interview at all. And all this time they were continuously inquiring the attorney general on the phone, for everything. To cancel the interview or not, to let them have it on the video or not.

It is your duty and responsibility to expose this dirty state of affairs. We are ready to support the law and the Constitution and we are ready to help them catch all those twenty people, because we are keeping an eye on them, we know where they are. We have sannyasins all over the world. When they were in Zurich, Zurich sannyasins were looking after them. When they went into Germany, German sannyasins were looking after them, watching. Now they are in France. Wherever they will go, my people are there. But FBI does not seem to be interested even to inform the Interpol that these people have committed crimes, they should be brought to America.

Perhaps if Sheela comes back. Or perhaps FBI people are already making deals with those criminals there, that they are not criminals. They are capable of making deals and can give them immunity and then any innocent person can be imprisoned, for ten years, for twenty years, for his whole life.

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