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Chapter 16: Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness

For Eastern psychology, the crowd is not the criterion. Remember this distinction: for Eastern psychology the crowd is not the criterion, society is not the criterion. Society itself is ill. Then what is the criterion? For us a buddha is a criterion. Unless you become buddha-like, you are ill.

For Western psychology society is the criterion, because a buddha cannot be a criterion. They do not believe that there is such a thing as the inner being. If there is no such thing as the inner being, then there cannot be any enlightenment. But when the inner being becomes illuminated, then there is enlightenment.

So Western psychology is really just therapeutic, just a part of medicine. It tries, it helps you to be readjusted, but it is not a transcendence. The Eastern effort is for how to transcend the mind, because for us there are no mental diseases, remember. For us there are no mental diseases - rather, the mind is the disease. For Western psychology the mind is not the disease. The mind is you, it is not the disease. The mind can be healthy, and the mind can be ill.

For us the mind is the disease, the mind can never be healthy. Unless you go beyond mind, you can never be healthy. You can be ill and adjusted or you can be ill and maladjusted, but you can never be healthy. So the normal man is not really healthy. He is just within the boundaries, he is ill within the boundaries. The abnormal person is one who has gone beyond the boundaries; and the difference between the two is only of degrees - of quantity, not of quality.

A madman in a madhouse and you - there is no qualitative difference, only one of degrees. He is a little bit more mad than you; you are within the boundaries. Functionally, you can switch on. He cannot switch on now; he has gone further than you. He has an advanced case, nothing else. You are just on the path and he has reached.

Western psychology tries to bring him back to the fold, to the herd, to the crowd. It makes him normal. It is good; as far as it goes, it is good. But for us, unless a man goes beyond mind he is mad, because for us the mind is madness.

So we are trying to unwind the mind just to know that which is beyond it. They also try unwinding methods just to adjust the mind, but the beyond is not there. And remember this: unless you can go beyond yourself, nothing worthwhile happens. Unless you can reach something which is beyond you, life is meaningless.

Certain other things also. For Freud and the Freudians, man is really a being that cannot be happy. The very being for them is such that man cannot be happy. If you are not unhappy, that is all. Remember, if you are not unhappy, be satisfied - it is enough. You cannot be happy. Why? Because Freudian psychology says that happiness lies in being instinctual, happiness lies in being like an animal, and that man cannot be. Reason goes on continuously interfering. You can lose your reason and become like an animal; then you can be happy. But then you will not be aware of happiness. This is the paradox for them.

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