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Chapter 3: Prologue Part 3

In fact, the whole of evolution from the fish to man is still within you. It has left its footprints in your consciousness. Every child in the nine months of mother’s womb, passes through all the stages that humanity has passed, from fish to man.

We have all the tendencies which prove that, even if Darwin is not found to be right biologically, psychologically he cannot be refuted. Your mind still carries the monkey; your behavior is still below human; your humanity is not skin-deep - just a little scratch and you will find the gorilla coming out. Just a little humiliation, and you are ready to kill or to be killed. You are carrying all the violence of all the animals; you are carrying all the instincts of all the animals.

Once you were apes, and even now man is more of an ape than any ape.

Because apes have not created world wars - they are simple beings. They are not piling up nuclear weapons to commit a global suicide. Man’s violence seems to be unlimited.

But he who is the wisest among you, he also is only a discord and hybrid of plant and of ghost. But do I bid you become ghosts or plants?

Even the wisest amongst you behave in moments of weakness like fools, idiots. The idiot is not very far away; he is just hiding behind you; a little provocation and he comes out and takes you over. Your mastery is so superficial; it can be destroyed so easily.

Even the wisest amongst you is a discord; is not a harmony; is not an organic unity; is not an orchestra. There are so many voices, a big crowd, that everybody is carrying within himself. Have you not observed the crowd within? How many people live inside you? How many faces do you have? Perhaps you have not even counted; perhaps there are too many to be counted.

When a Sufi mystic went to his master, renouncing the world, his family and friends, the family and the friends and the whole village came to see him go. Perhaps they might not see him again - he was going on a long pilgrimage to find a master. Their eyes were full of tears.

He tried to console them and he said to them, “Now you should go back. This is the boundary of our town, the river. Now let me be alone. Don’t delay me.”

He reached the mountains and when he entered the hut of his master, the master looked at him and said, “You can come in, but alone.” He looked to both sides; there was nobody else. He said, “I am alone.”

The master said, “Don’t look sideways. Look inside. I can see a crowd, a crowd of your friends, your relatives, your family, your neighbors - full of tears in their eyes. Just leave them outside. Until you are alone, don’t enter, because I can deal only with individuals, not with mobs, not with crowds.”

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