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Chapter 9: Papal Politics: Organized Superstition

He goes around the world saying that Christian priests and bishops and cardinals should not get involved in politics - because he wants politicians to be in favor of him. And it has been found that the same man sent one hundred million dollars to Poland, to a political party, to fight against the communists.

Is this not politics?

And his interest in birth control is really to increase the population. Whatever consequences happen to people is not the problem. If people are poor and hungry, they can be easily converted to Christianity, and particularly the Catholic church. Their schools, their hospitals, their orphanages are nothing but factories for converting people into Catholics.

It is now a well-known fact that by the end of the century, almost half the population of the world will be dying of hunger. You cannot even conceive of the situation where one man out of every two will be dying. All around there will be corpses and there will be nobody even to bury them or to take them to the mortuary or to the funeral. In fact, dying will be better than living amongst those corpses.

The whole world will be stinking of death.

The popes don’t seem to be interested in saving humanity. Their basic interest is how to get more and more people into their religion, because that is going to be their power. It is pure politics.

The whole Christian theology is based on such stupid ideas that to call it “religion” is just absurd. Jesus is born of a virgin mother. The whole of medical science is against it - it cannot be possible, but it is one of their fundamentals. If you remove it, the whole edifice of Christianity falls down.

They have not given the world any method for how to raise consciousness. They have not produced awakened and enlightened people; but they have caught seven hundred million people in the Catholic fold alone. These people are full of absurd beliefs - and even though they have eyes, they don’t see; they have ears, but they don’t hear. And if you say anything, immediately they are ready to crucify you. They are against the crucifixion of Jesus, but they are, every moment, ready to crucify you if you just tell the truth.

I said in one of my speeches, that The Holy Bible is the most unholy book in the whole world, because it has five hundred solid pages of pure pornography. One of my friends in America, hearing this, actually collected all those five hundred pages and published a book called the X-Rated Holy Bible. And now I have received a summons from Kanpur - ten Christian associations have made a case against me; that I am hurting their religious feelings.

I cannot believe that people are so blind. If anything is hurting your religious feelings it is your Bible - I have nothing to do with it. You should tell the government that the Bible should be banned, or it should be labeled and listed among the pornographic literature.

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