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Chapter 4: Right Now

That is the meaning of the story that after the third day Jesus was alive again, resurrected. It simply says that you can crucify the body of a Jesus, but you can never crucify his spirit. After three days he will again be moving on the earth, deathless. Crucifixion became a situation in which he could assert his deathlessness.

So it is perfectly okay as it is: there is nothing to be worried about. And this will continue to be so. The only possibility for a Jesus to exist and not be crucified is if people have become so indifferent to religion that they don’t bother. And that is not a good possibility. That is very sad. Jesus comes and walks on the earth and nobody is hurt, no priest bothers about him.rather, people enjoy. They gather around and Jesus looks amusing; he looks like a fool or a buffoon who is talking nonsense.

That’s what the modern philosophers say: that to talk about God is to talk nonsense. It makes no sense, it is meaningless. You are using words which are only containers, and there is no content in them. God, moksha, nirvana - what do you mean?

If Jesus comes someday and nobody is bothered, that will be the saddest possibility. Jesus hurts because people are concerned. Jesus hurts because religion is meaningful; Jesus provokes antagonism because life is at stake with religion. That will be the most unfortunate moment in human history - when Jesus comes and nobody bothers to stone him, nobody bothers to crucify him. He will move around the earth and people will laugh, will be amused. And he will look like a buffoon.

No, the crucifixion of Jesus simply says that religion is so meaningful that when a man like Jesus comes, he creates a rift in humanity between those who love him and those who hate him. The whole of humanity is divided. He is significant.

Many times I think about it: that this has never happened in India. Buddha was not crucified, Mahavira was not crucified, Krishna was not crucified. Why? This country is too sophisticated about religion and when you become too sophisticated, you become indifferent.

This country could tolerate Buddha, Mahavira and Krishna. Ordinarily people think that it is because this country is so religious. That’s not my opinion. This country is so sophisticated that people have already become indifferent. Nobody bothers about what Buddha is saying. In fact, everybody already knows what he is saying. Everybody knows all that can be known - who bothers?

It is like Jesus walking into Cambridge University or Oxford, where philosophers think that God is meaningless. If Jesus comes to Oxford and stands on the crossroads and cries, “I and my father are one!” then those philosophers will gather together and they will laugh. “About whom are you talking? Which father? Where is he? What do you mean by ‘father’? Then who is your mother?” They will ask irrelevant questions and they will laugh, and Jesus will simply feel embarrassed.

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