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Chapter 2: Discovering Your Own Path

So don’t fight with the unconscious, don’t fight with the being. Accept it. Let your conscious mind become cooperative with the unconscious. Don’t create a schizoid condition, don’t be against yourself. And you cannot be: no one can be against himself, he can only think so. And in the end your minor part, the conscious mind, will know that the major part has won. The major part is the unconscious; your being is the major part.

To me, the existential approach is the only approach. And once you accept this, mysteries begin to open. For example, if you have taken death as part and parcel of life. It is not that life ends with death. Death is the flowering of life - the peak, the ripening, but we create contradictions. We like youth, we don’t like old age. In fact, youth is just a preparation for old age, just a preparation for old age. We like life, but we don’t like death, and death is just the flowering of life, the peak, the ripening. This contradiction is created by the intellect - speculative, intellectual, theoretical. You can only befool yourself, but you cannot deceive existence, you cannot deceive your being.

So to me - or to Yoga, or to the Eastern approach - the theoretical approach is nonsense. The way is existential and there are so many techniques, but each technique is essentially, centrally, the same. The difference is only of details, The difference is not foundational. It cannot be. The foundation is always the same.

We will take two or three methods that may appear to be contradictory, but the foundation is always the same. One method may be applicable to particular individuals, another may not be. So many techniques exist, not because there are so many ways but only because there are so many individuals. Really, the way is one - it cannot be otherwise - but it has to be applied to so many individuals, and with each individual the details will be different.

One of the basic techniques is that of will. If you can will absolutely - with not a single wavering of the mind, with not a single part of the mind against it - if you can crystallize your will and be total with it, then you enter existence. There are so many techniques that are techniques of the will. For example, Gurdjieff’s techniques for the West were techniques of will. One must crystallize one’s will so totally...

Now this is not possible for everyone. For example, the feminine mind cannot comprehend how to be total in will. It is impossible in a way. So those teachers who proposed techniques of will denied women any entrance into moksha, salvation.

For example, Mahavira denied it. Mahavira said that women cannot enter moksha unless they are first born as men; they cannot enter directly into absolute freedom, into moksha. And he has a reason for saying so. It is not because women are inferior - which is what it has been thought that Mahavira was saying. No, it is because they are different. Mahavira’s method is basically one of will. It is not the right approach for a woman. And if some woman can succeed in Mahavira’s method then she will be a woman in name only. Her total personality will be that of a man, not of woman.

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