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Chapter 2: Accept Yourself As You Are

I am saying so many things, and I am saying them to so many people - you are not all at the same stage. Somebody is young, somebody is old; the young have not seen the life, the frustration of it - the old have seen the frustration of it. When I say life is anguish, the old will understand, but the young will feel, somehow, that they can’t receive it. But that’s natural - how can you receive it? A child may be here, and I may be saying something tremendously serious, and the child cannot understand it - rather, he would like to play and jump around. But that’s how it should be; nothing is wrong in it. Wherever you are, there is no other way to be anywhere else; you can only be there. Be there. If you try to be somewhere else, you cannot be somewhere else. On the contrary, you will miss that which you could have been. So be, wherever you are; whatsoever you can understand, understand, and whatsoever you can receive, receive, and move, and flow. Sometimes it will happen that you will hear me today, and you will understand me years afterwards. It will remain like a seed if you have heard it - it will wait for its right time, for its right season: it will wait for ripening. Don’t be worried about it. And if you start feeling guilt, then you are creating such turmoil that even the seed may be lost.

I am not a priest. I don’t want you to feel guilty, because the priest exists on your guilt. The more you feel guilty, the more the priest becomes powerful, because then he has the keys to help you, to bring you out of your guilt. First he creates guilt, then he gives you the keys to come out of it. First he creates the disease, then he sells the medicine.

I am cutting the root of the disease itself. I am not here to sell any medicine to you, but just to tell you how to cut the very root of the disease. So remember, each stage is right, each stage is necessary. Pass through each, and don’t try to jump ahead.

The second question:

Can trust be cultivated?

A cultivated trust will not be trust; it will be false, it will be insincere. It will just be on the surface; it will never touch your center. Whatsoever is cultivated remains superficial, because whatsoever is cultivated remains of the mind. Trust cannot be cultivated, just as love cannot be cultivated: you can’t teach people how to love. Dangerous will be the days when people are taught how to love, because they will learn the lesson, they will repeat it accurately - it will be technological but it will not be of the heart.

Anything that belongs to the depth has to come out of its own accord. So what is to be done? I understand the question you are asking. Then what to do? The only thing that can be done is to remove hindrances. Trust cannot be brought out; hindrances can be removed. When there is no hindrance, it comes, it flows. Trust cannot be cultivated; doubts can be dropped.

So one has to understand the doubting mind, the very mechanism of doubt, why you doubt. One has to see through and through why one doubts, because doubt is the hindrance. When doubt disappears, suddenly trust is there. It has always been there. Only a rock was hindering the path, and the fountain could not flow. You come with trust. Every child is born with trust, every child is trusting, so trust need not be cultivated. That’s how everybody is born: it is in-built. You are trust.

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