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Chapter 2: Just Be Indifferent to the Mind

Marty was walking down the street when he saw his friend and yelled to him, “John, how are you?” John replied, “Don’t call me John. Call me Lucky.”

“Why should I call you lucky?”

John proceeded to tell him that he had been standing on the corner of 52nd Street and Third Avenue, when he stepped off the curb just as a two-ton safe fell from the twentieth floor. It landed right where he had been standing an instant earlier.

Marty said, “My God, you certainly are lucky! That will be your name from now on.”

A few weeks later they bumped into each other again, and Marty said, “Lucky, how are you?”

To which came the reply, “Don’t call me Lucky. Call me Lucky Lucky.”

Marty said, “Tell me now, why I should call you Lucky Lucky?” and he was told that Lucky had been bumped from a flight to Miami that was later hijacked to Cuba.

Marty agreed, “You certainly are Lucky, Lucky.”

The next time they met, Marty shouted, “Lucky Lucky, how are you?” to which he replied, “Don’t call me Lucky Lucky. Call me Lucky Lucky Lucky.”

Marty said, “Why?”

Lucky Lucky Lucky said, “Just last week I took my girlfriend to a hotel room for a martini, and we made such a commotion that the chandelier over the bed came down and landed right in her lap.”

Marty said, “But what’s so lucky about that?”

To which came the reply, “Ten seconds earlier, it would have cut off my head!”

You are lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky - four times lucky. Don’t feel jealous, don’t feel resentful.

My mind, the monster, distracts me even when I’m sitting in discourse. It simply takes over and thinks all sorts of silly thoughts and by the time discourse is over I get the feeling I missed another golden opportunity to be with you, drink from you, tune in with you. This leaves me very, very sad. What can I do?

Everybody has cultivated his mind for so long, for centuries, that it has got deep roots in you. You cannot destroy it in one day, it will take a little time.

And if you become depressed that you are losing the opportunity then it will take even longer. What is missed is missed.

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