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Chapter 5: Be Ready

I don’t care about the end result. My whole concern is not diplomatic, nor political. I am simply responding with my totality to anything that comes in front of me. I cannot be cunning. What you are saying to me - be a little more cunning - I cannot be.

You’re not a politician, are you?

I am not a politician, that is the ugliest thing that can happen to a man. I am not diplomatic: I do not want people to be manipulated politely. I am not a hypocrite: I simply say the truth as it is. If it hurts, it is your problem. If it creates enemies I am not worried, because the enemies are on the first step to becoming my friends. They have already recognized me in their hate. They have already recognized their defeat and death, now nobody can save them. They cannot ignore me - if they can ignore me, then there is no threat for them. That’s why I have to be intense, fiery, and I have to hammer hard on each traditional value, because the only thing that I would not like is to be ignored.

You certainly won’t be ignored, I can assure you of that.

Thank you for the compliment.

You have a situation where I come from in Western Australia where your Rajneeshees have got to get approval from governments, from politicians, to go ahead with their projects. What’s your advice to them if the politicians are against you?


With guns?

No, legal methods are available. Those politicians themselves are claiming that they are democratic, use their own democracy and fight with them. They are saying that their judicial system is fair? Use it and fight them. Guns are just barbarous.

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