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Chapter 14: The Bird Has Flown

A very great king was visited by a cunning, clever priest. All priests are clever and cunning, otherwise they cannot be priests. Prostitutes may be innocent, but priests are never innocent. In fact, only innocent girls become prostitutes. Very cunning people become priests; it is the most cunning business.

The priest came to the king and said, “You have conquered the whole world. Now only one thing is missing, and unless you have that you will remain discontented.”

The king was surprised, because actually that was the case: he was feeling discontented. Every successful man feels discontented. The failures can always hope, the successful cannot hope any more - he has succeeded. You have heard the proverb that nothing fails like failure. I say it is all wrong. I say to you: nothing fails like success. Once you have succeeded, you can see the futility of it. The riches are there, the power is there, but you are as empty as before. Or maybe now you feel your emptiness more, in contrast to the richness, to the power, to the success that you have achieved. Now it hurts even more. And there is no hope either - there is no tomorrow any more. You have achieved whatsoever is possible to achieve so you cannot dream, you cannot fantasize.

The king was feeling discontented - because he has conquered the whole world. He was very much surprised, and trusted this priest, that he has some miraculous powers: “He has read my mind. I have not told anybody that I am feeling discontented. How has he come to know?”

He took him into his private chamber and said, “How did you manage to find it out? I have never told anybody, not even my wife. I go on pretending that I am immensely contented and happy.”

All successful people do that. What is the point of saying it to everybody? They will simply laugh, “You are a fool!” They will say, “We had told you before but you never listened.” So it is better to keep quiet.

“How did you manage to know?”

The priest said, “I can read your thoughts, and I know what is missing. If you can get the special clothes of the angels, then you will be immensely happy.”

A new desire, a new hope - tomorrow again became alive.

The king said, “I am ready, but how to get clothes from heaven? What is the way?”

The priest said, “I will do everything. I know the way, I know the whole map, but it will cost you much. It is not an easy thing. It is for the first time in the whole history of humanity that you will be getting divine clothes; you may be the first and the last. And I will have to bribe the angels, persuade somebody to steal, and then I have to fly to heaven and come back. It is a long journey and dangerous too, but for you I am ready to do it.”

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