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Chapter 10: Every Buddha Enriches the Universe

I was just reading a dictionary - I love dictionaries because I love words and their biographies - and I came across the word maudlin. That is the second type of man: emotional, always ready to weep and cry, sentimental.

I looked into the etymology of the word, from where it came, and really it was a discovery. It came from “Mary Magdalena” ( the word maudlin. You must have seen pictures of Mary Magdalena washing Jesus’ feet with her tears - crying and weeping, eyes red. Magdalena by and by became maudlin. That is the second type of man.

The third type of man is intellectual. He lives through his intellect. He is only a head; he has no body, he has no heart. He is a great controller from the head. He goes on manipulating his heart and body and everything through the head; he is the scholar, the ascetic, the pundit, the man of knowledge, memory, logic, philosophy. This third type of man controls the whole world.

But these types are all on the same level - their level is not different. These three types of men are available everywhere: the third type exists more as male, the second type exists more as female, the first type exists as both. And these three types are also you - you cannot find them in their purity, they are mixed, a hodgepodge. These three types you cannot find in purity.

If you can find a man who has these three things absolutely separate, he is the fourth type of man: the yogi, the fakir, the mystic. He has separated his being into different layers. Now, when he is in the body he is in the body, he does not allow emotions to interfere with it or the head to control it. When he is in his emotions he does not allow his head to interfere or the body to interfere in it. He is not a mixture, he is not adulterated; everything is clean and clear in him. You can rely on him. When he thinks he thinks, he doesn’t allow his emotions to interfere in it - because emotions become clouds. They don’t allow clear thinking.

That’s why women cannot think as clearly as men. They belong more to the second type, they belong to Mary Magdalena. They have so much emotion. I have never come across a woman whom I could say is intelligent. It is almost impossible because whatsoever she thinks.in fact she never thinks, it is her emotion that creates the phenomenon of thinking. Deep down is emotion. She “emotionalizes,” and reasoning simply follows like a shadow.

She is never unprejudiced, never. She cannot be just a watcher, a judge, a spectator, no. She will get involved. A man can be a watcher. That’s why more scientists, more philosophers, more logicians are men. Except for Madame Curie, women have not produced anything. And I suspect that Madame Curie must have had more male hormones than other women. Some day a study has to be done on hormones. Indira Gandhi must have more male hormones than Morarji Desai. One should not be deceived by the appearance.

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