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Chapter 34: The Sound of Truth: “Aha!”

Are you answering all the questions that are being asked?

No. I must have answered more than twelve thousand questions, but they are not all the questions that are being asked.

There are questions which are merely of the head. Your head is already full of too much garbage. I don’t want to be unkind to you, I don’t want to burden your mind more. I want to unburden it, so I choose the question which helps your mind to unburden itself.

There are questions which are concerned with your conditionings, beliefs. I am against all beliefs as such. I cannot support any belief, for the simple reason that it is a belief. I want my people not to believe, but to know. And the way to know means you have to drop your beliefs.

There are questions which are only out of curiosity. They don’t deserve to be answered. This is a mystery school; people are deeply interested in a quest - they are not just curious. I cannot waste my people’s time for a single person’s curiosity. Curiosity is something like an itching in the head. You can scratch your head yourself, I need not bother about it.

In fact, you yourself are not sincere. You have asked just by the way. You are not thirsty; your question is not out of a longing. It does not show any appetite, it shows only childishness - the way children ask questions, about each and every thing. If you can just be patient, within a minute they forget all about it, they start asking other questions.

I have seen people who ask out of curiosity, and if you answer them, by the time you answer them there are other curiosities coming in their mind. They don’t listen even to your answer. You are not even finished with the answer, and a totally new question, which has no relevance to the first, is put before you - as if they are not in search of anything. But just seeing things, the monkey mind becomes curious.

My people here are not to waste time. Time is very precious for those who are on the quest; each moment may prove of tremendous importance.

There are questions which are not even questions; they are, on the contrary, answers. Now, I don’t know how to answer an answer. Those people are full of knowledge. They know the answer already; all that they want is support from me for their answer.

If you know, you know. No support is needed. If you do not know, then accept it; then you can be helped. But I cannot play this stupid game in which you go on bragging that you know, and still you are asking. What is the point of asking, if you know?

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