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Chapter 19: Relish the Mystery in the Depths of Your Heart

And you have heard Bodhidharma in the beginning saying, “Buddhas cannot worship buddhas.” There is no need, and it is really humiliating. You have the same quality of consciousness within you, you just have not discovered it. Somebody else has discovered it, but as far as having it is concerned, you both have it in the same way.

Bodhidharma mentioned the name of Dipankara. He was an ancient buddha long before Gautam Buddha, and in Dipankara’s time Gautam Buddha was an ordinary man. Just out of curiosity he had gone to see Dipankara. He was given the name Dipankara because his presence was so infectious that those who innocently came close to him immediately caught something invisible, as if a flame had jumped from Dipankara into their heart, which was utterly dark, and now there was light. Hence the name, Dipankara Buddha, was given to him - a man who lights the unlit lamps of others just by his presence.

Gautam Buddha was not enlightened at that time but he had gone just out of curiosity, like a small child, to see what was happening, why so many people were going there. His curiosity was innocent. He had not gone to attain knowledge or enlightenment, or anything. There was no greed in it, there was no ambition in it. It was simply the wonder. He had heard that people who went to Dipankara.just sitting silently with him something had transpired, and they returned home totally different people. Their actions changed, their lifestyles changed. They became more loving, more compassionate, greed disappeared, ambition disappeared, anger disappeared. They became individuals so beautiful and so fragrant that Buddha wanted to see this man.this man was a wonder. He did nothing, yet..

The master never does anything. His whole work is somehow to bring you close as when you bring one candle which is burning with a flame close to another candle which is unlit. There is a certain point when the unlit candle will catch fire from the flame of the lit candle. The lit candle will not lose anything, but the unlit will gain a tremendous treasure. Unlit it was dead, and when the flame started, life came to it. Now it can also dispel darkness in the same way as the first flame was doing.

Dipankara was such a man; in fact every great master is such a man. Whatever happens around him is not done by him. Whatever is done is just to bring you close, to make himself available to you and a mystery to you, so that without your knowing you are pulled like a magnet pulls things.and at a certain distance, suddenly you become aflame. The old dies, and the new man is born.

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