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Chapter 3: Living with the Eternal

Why am I not curious about anything anymore?

Devageet, seven hundred and fifty years ago there was a mystery school exactly like this. The mystery school belonged to one of the greatest Sufis, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. The Turkish word mevlana means “beloved master.” It has never been used for anyone else.

In front of his mystery school was written in bold letters: “This place is not for those who are only curious.”

Curiosity has no spiritual meaning. Curiosity is something like itching in your mind: if you itch it goes, if you don’t itch it also goes. Curiosity has no passion in it; it is very superficial - just by the way. An inquiry, a question arises in you, but it is not your quest, you are not going to dedicate your life to searching for the answer for it. You are not even going to commit yourself to the exploration.

Curiosity is cheap. If somebody answers, good. If nobody answers, that too is okay. You are not deeply interested. It is not arising out of your heart. Curiosity has to disappear before you can attain to a passionate inquiry into existence.

So, Devageet, it is not a bad sign, but a tremendously important indication that you are on the right path. The path does not belong to the curious ones. It belongs to those who are committed, dedicated; who are ready even to sacrifice their lives for the experience of truth. As the curiosity disappears you are no longer a student; you become a disciple.

That’s the only difference between the student and a disciple. The student is only curious, gathering knowledge from all the sources without much concern. It is not his essential search - just gathering knowledge to cover up his ignorance. But the ignorance remains there, and the more it is covered, the more dangerous, because you start forgetting it. And a man who has forgotten his ignorance is a man utterly lost.

To go on remembering that you are ignorant is to go on remembering that the night is not over and your morning has not yet come: that you still have a long way to go before the darkness disappears and you see the first signs on the horizon of the sun rising with all its colors and all its beauty and all its blessings.

The curious person is not at all accountable for anything deep. The moment you become passionately interested to know, it becomes a question of life and death. Without knowing, your life seems to be just a desert without any oasis anywhere. You have to know; only then will your life have some significance, some meaning, some relevance, some reason why you should go on existing.

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