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Chapter 20: The Radiation of Enlightenment

Even here, sometimes spectators arrive. Sometimes people who are just curious arrive: knowing nothing, not knowing that this is not the place for the curious, and this is not the place for the egoist. This is a place only for those who come with an open heart, who come with deep love and trust. The purpose of this place is not to convey more information and knowledge to you. The purpose is to raise your being to the heights that are its birthright.

Just three days ago, one man wrote a letter. Because I said that these space visitors are just hallucinations, illusory, he must have become freaked out. Perhaps he has met some faraway visitor from another planet. He wrote a very angry letter. His handwriting and his spelling show that he must be an American, because has not signed his name - an utterly cowardly person. I never answer any question unless it is signed, because the person should take the responsibility for asking it. To whom am I going to address my answer? I cannot say, “To whomsoever it may concern”!

And his anger - which is just the other side of cowardliness - is so much that he has threatened that if I don’t answer his question, he will stand up and make trouble in the gathering of seekers. I have waited for three days, but the guy has not stood up. He is afraid that if sometime in the future it is discovered that life exists on other planets and visitors have been coming to the earth, then I will be proved wrong.

His point is: can an enlightened man commit a mistake? As far as I am concerned, my first mistake was becoming enlightened! And my second mistake was to make people aware about my enlightenment; otherwise I would not have been tortured by all kinds of idiots and such fools.

Remember one thing, I am the first enlightened man in the whole of history who accepts that there is every possibility of his committing mistakes. I don’t say I am infallible like the pope; I don’t say I am omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent like Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna.because that creates problems. Christians claim these same qualities for God, and Mohammedans also for their God. But their God is in constant difficulty, and Krishna and Buddha and Mahavira are all in constant difficulty because they claim something that is not right.

For example, there was no reason for Christianity, for the pope, to force Galileo to change in his book where he has written: “The common understanding is not right. People think that the sun goes around the earth, but my whole discovery, my whole life’s effort has made me aware that the situation is just vice versa. It is the earth that goes around the sun.”

Now, the problem was that in the Bible it says that the sun goes around the earth. Galileo was sick, almost on his deathbed, in his old age - he was seventy-seven - and he was dragged to the court of the pope and the pope forced him to change the statement.

Galileo, even at that age, must have had an immense sense of humor. He said, “There is no problem. Why are you so worried? You could have just sent me the message. But can I ask what is hurting you?”

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