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Chapter 4: The Sutra Is Long, the Night Is Short

Just the other day I told Nirvano - because sometimes she comes late by two minutes, just the way of a lady, never in time; I told her, “This won’t do. I have to be in my chair on time. Whether anybody is there or not does not matter. I will speak to the trees, to the bamboos - they are such great listeners, they never interrupt.”

These people - the Dalai Lama and others - are fossils, they have died long ago.

When I give my interpretation, remember always it is my interpretation. If I meet the master who has written the sutras, I know perfectly well that there is no possibility of agreement. But because they are all dead I am completely free to interpret them according to the times, not according to their creed.

Their background was their background; today that background does not exist, that world is no longer there. Man’s concerns have changed, man’s conditionings have changed. Man is programmed in different ways. I have to deprogram the people whom I am facing.

I am exactly in the moment, that’s why you feel at home. But rejoice, rather than being worried: “Why am I feeling at home? Why am I happy?” Just be happy! Happiness needs no cause. Only misery can be diagnosed, not happiness.

Go to any doctor and ask him, “I am feeling happy. Diagnose it.” As far as I know, up to now nobody has been able to diagnose happiness. Yes, diseases can be diagnosed and cured, but happiness cannot be diagnosed, and neither can it be cured. Once you have caught fire, nobody can put it out.

So it is perfectly okay. But I know the problem is that your whole life you have never been okay, something was always wrong. Somebody was always pointing out that you are doing wrong, you are behaving wrongly, that this is not the right etiquette. Some Confucius, some Manu, some Moses, some Mohammed was telling you how to behave. Somebody was deciding for you what is right and what is wrong.

This is the only place, for the first time in the whole of history, where nobody is deciding for you what is right and what is wrong. My effort is to bring your consciousness to the highest peak, so that it can decide on its own what is right and what is wrong.

It may not be in agreement with Manu, five thousand years old, it may not be in agreement with Moses, it may not be in agreement with Mohammed. It will be only in agreement with existence and with you.

To me, religion is an individual love affair with existence. It has nothing to do with scriptures, nothing to do with knowledge, learning - that is all nonsense.

But because you have become accustomed to being told that you are unworthy, undeserving and you have accepted it, when you come here to a total freedom, with no inhibitions, with no repressions, with nobody to tell you what to do and what not to do, you feel at a loss. It is just like a small child in a fair who loses his mother’s hand and feels at a loss where to go.

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