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Chapter 5: Vital Experiments in Meditation

In America there was a man with whose body electricity very amazing experiments were done. His body electricity was more than is usual. He would perform some special experiments with breathing and then he would take a five-watt bulb in his hand, and it would light up. In Sweden there was a woman whom no one could touch. She couldn’t get married because anyone who touched her got a shock like an electric shock. These people have extra electricity in their bodies. Also there may be some chemical differences in their bodies, which make the results so strong. But there is electricity in everyone’s body.

Now on the very first day you will see results in sixty percent of the people here. It could happen to a hundred percent - there is no reason why it couldn’t - but forty percent of people generally don’t participate and just stand around. This has been my observation, which is why I say sixty percent. But I say to each one of you, be amongst the sixty percent and not amongst the forty percent.

After about five minutes you will feel that something in your body has started vibrating and rising upwards. You will feel that your body is becoming filled with a new energy. By the time you have completed ten minutes of this experiment you will be in an electrified state: your whole body will become a flow of energy. Naturally it will have its effects. When there are forceful vibrations in the body, the body will start shaking, moving, dancing.

The second stage of this experiment, in which you have to totally allow the body to shake, dance or do anything that it wants to do, is also ten minutes. Its results are cathartic.

You have suppressed your body in a thousand and one ways; you have also suppressed your mind in many, many ways. The person who wants to go into meditation has first to be free of these suppressions. You have suppressed anger, you have suppressed desires, you have suppressed worries. There are a thousand and one things you have suppressed in your mind. When you wanted to weep you didn’t weep; when you wanted to laugh you didn’t laugh; when you wanted to shout you didn’t shout; when you wanted to dance you didn’t dance. You have suppressed all these things.

There are innumerable kinds of suppressions in the mind as well as in the body. Unless these suppressions are allowed to be released, mind cannot be light enough to be in meditation.

So in the second ten minutes you have to cooperate completely with the body and allow it total freedom. If the body wants to dance, allow it to dance totally; if the body wants to shout, allow it to shout totally; if the body wants to cry, allow it to cry totally. Whatever the body wants to do - only with your body, not with others’ bodies - allow it total freedom and cooperate with it.

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