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Chapter 12: Session 12

The dance is coming.the dance of Jalaluddin.thirty-six hours dancing continuously shouting “Allah! Allah! Allah!” People first gathered around him, then they left. How long could they stay with him? Thirty-six hours! Even the disciples left. That is condemnable. Then he was alone, but he continued his dance.

That is what I am doing in my aloneness - dancing, singing. Nobody else is there.nobody else can be. Everybody is born alone, remains alone, dies alone..

Om mani padme hum.

Ashu, your tear is just appearing in my left eye like a sunrise. But this time it is appearing on both of my sides, left and right; I am amazed because it always used to appear only on the left.

Aahhh.Om mani padme hum.

the flowers are blooming.

Om mani padme hum.

I cannot wait any longer. I know my bladder is full. I have already waited too long. I am such a rascal that even if something is going against me I will sit up in my grave and say, “Stop! Put it right! Put it exactly as I want it!” With me you cannot have your own way. My way is the only way, as far as being with me is concerned.

Om mani padme hum..