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Chapter 23: Being: The Most Beautiful Flower in Existence

Action is mundane - it is necessary, but it cannot make your life a joy unto itself. It is necessary for survival - but just survival is not enough for a dance. For a dance, you need energy overflowing; you cannot contain it anymore. And one of the miracles of life is that by great action, you produce small things of no intrinsic value, and without any effort, being opens doors upon doors of treasures which you have never dreamt of. You have only heard the word - blissfulness, ecstasy, samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment - different names for the same situation.

You have come home so totally that the outside world, which used to be very real, is almost like a dream that you had seen somewhere and forgotten.

That’s why the mystics have been calling the world illusory, maya, and they call the world of being the ultimate reality.

You said a few days ago, “I love you like nobody could ever love you.” I know in my heart that it is true. I would also like to tell you that I love you more than anyone I could ever love. Without you, my life is absolutely meaningless. When I took sannyas, I used to say I would die for you, I’m ready to give my life to you. Now I say I would like to live for you and I’m ready to give my life to you. Thank you for the life you are giving me. I bow down to you with inexpressible gratitude.

There is a great insight in your question. For the whole of the past, people have been told by religions, by politicians, by other kinds of fanatics, that if you are dedicated to any ideology - religious, political, social, philosophical - if you are really dedicated to an ideology, then you should be ready to die for it. The readiness to die is an indication from your side that your dedication is total.

This is not so, according to me. Your dedication is total if you are ready to live for me, not to die - because death is so easy, it is so simple to jump into the ocean. Even others can help. But to live, year after year, in an insane world, needs great dedication and great love and great devotion.

Your love should be so great that it can tolerate the whole insanity of the world; it is still worth living because of your dedication, because of your love. Your love creates a small, cozy corner in this insane world, a cozy corner of your own life which is sane.

I teach you life, not death, because to me, death does not exist at all. If you have lived - and lived with intensity, lived with totality, lived with your whole being, not holding anything back - you will know not only life and its eternity, you will also know simultaneously death and its illusoriness.

In the past, the people who were teaching that your death is the only proof that your dedication is total were really exploiting you, destroying you, encouraging your suicidal instinct.

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