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Chapter 10: The One Reality

Try to melt, try to become a flow. But the ego is as hard as stone: it stops you from melting. It says, “What are you doing? You are going to disappear! Hold onto yourself!” - but the one who holds on to himself will remain rigid and frozen. Melt your self in these meditation experiments. This is why I insist that you dance, jump, become flowing again like a small child. Put your ego aside and let the body melt. Let the energy of the body flow; it should not remain frozen. Become hot. Breathe deeply so that the oxygen can hit hard, shout loudly so that the kundalini receives a shock; become fire within. The fire will be kindled by a spark from aranis and the small flame that is hidden within you will become an intense fire.

When this fire is lit, as long as you remain as an ego, there will be some smoke because you are the fuel. As soon as you disappear the smoke will also disappear. Then, the smokeless flame..

And for one who has experienced the smokeless flame, there is nothing more for him to experience.

Now get ready for meditation.