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Chapter 33: The New Dawn Is Very Close

Somebody has sent a list of the books: my books are the top sellers, next to me is Friedrich Nietzsche, and then third comes somebody Japanese. Although I have not been in Japan, almost two dozen of my books have been translated into Japanese and have been received with great love and understanding. Almost every university in Japan is teaching Zen through my books. It is their tradition, they have developed it, but my interpretations have appealed to them more than their own commentaries and their own interpretations.

Coming to me, Geeta, you have come to yourself, to Japan’s very soul. It was because of this fact that you never missed Japan. You are saying, “Twelve years ago I left Japan to find my own way, without looking back.” You have found your own way. Now there is no need of looking back at all.

“At that time I hated to face any reminder that pulled me back to the Japanese conditioning. Now, what I feel is totally different.” It is bound to be so, because now you understand not the superficial Japan and its social structure. Now you have looked into the greatest contribution Japan has made to the world - Zen. It is the purest form of meditation.

There are thousands of ways of meditation, but nothing is so pure and so refined as Zen. Now you will certainly look at Japan in a totally different way, with great respect. Now what is apparent to the ordinary eyes is not, to you, the real Japan. The real Japan is hidden in the monasteries, in the mountains. It has to be found within yourself, and nowhere else.

“It seems as if the old Japan has died in me and a new Japan appeared.” It is absolutely true. “I can feel a quality of beauty, sensitivity and a tremendous capacity to expand towards a new world. I used to feel a thick cloud of repression suffocating me. Now I feel a dance in the air. Beloved Master, what has changed?”

You have changed. You have come to know something of the inner. You have become relaxed. You are no longer clouded by tensions; you are no longer surrounded by the conditionings of a certain society, a certain land, a certain country. You have become, in this gathering, a citizen of a world - of a world that is going to come. These are the new arrivals here, the first arrivals of a world, of a whole new world with a whole new conception of man.

You are heralding a new dawn, a new beginning. You may not understand exactly right now, but through you human consciousness is moving towards a new height, dropping all that is rotten and old and creating a new garden with fresh flowers - with more color, with more variety, with more individuality.unique beings with a totally new vision of life. Spontaneous, alert, living moment to moment; neither being bothered by the past nor being tortured by the future.a humanity that knows only one state of time and space: for time only now, and for space only here.

And twelve years are enough to destroy your personality, and to give you a rebirth and bring a new individuality to you. It has arrived. Hence you feel a dance in the air, because a dance is now in your heart.

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