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Chapter 2: The Pilgrimage Is Endless

It is unfortunate that millions of people never know the higher and the greater side of tears. They know only the lower, the very superficial, the ordinary. In their minds, slowly, slowly tears become associated with pain and misery and anguish and anxiety, and they remain unaware that tears can also become an expression of overwhelming blessings. And unless you have known your tears as overwhelming blessings and benediction, you have missed the most beautiful experience of life.

Tears are a kind of language - silent. They don’t come from your head, they come from your heart. It is the heart which is flooded and cannot contain the experience any more and finds language impotent, inadequate. Then, suddenly the heart remembers it has got a language which does not speak, but still expresses.

Tears of joy are the language of the heart.

And you say, “And it is as if you would touch all the wounds of my heart so that they can heal.” Yes, Turiya, people go on hiding their wounds; they are afraid of exposure. They do not want anybody to know their wounds. They pretend that they do not have any wounds; and the more you hide them, repress them, the bigger they become.

To be a disciple is to expose yourself, not to hide your wounds. If you can expose your wounds to love and to compassion, there is no other miracle greater than that. Love heals. Soon you will not find even a trace of the wounds, and when you are healed completely, your life becomes not a burden, not a drag, but a joy and a dance.

My own teaching is: Dance all the way to God.

People who are walking don’t know that this is not the way to reach to God. He does not understand the language of walking; he understands only the language of dance and song and ecstasy. But if you are full of wounds, how can you dance and how can you laugh and how can you produce blossoms out of your being?

One of the main functions of a mystery school is to help you, to encourage you to open all your wounds. And the moment you open them to love, to compassion, to the presence of the master, they heal very quickly. And a man without wounds is a man who can be said to be whole. In fact, the whole man is the only holy man.

You say, “Listening to the music of Your voice, slowly allowing myself to relax more and more, and then the gaps.everything disappears, becomes so light and silent and bright. I have no idea what enlightenment is, but it is worth giving my whole life for it.”

You cannot have any idea of enlightenment. But in the presence of one who is enlightened, you become infected. Something heart-to-heart is transferred. Something transpires in you: without having any idea what enlightenment is, you start moving towards enlightenment, almost like a magnet.

Do you think the moth knows what the flame is? But the moment the moth becomes aware of the flame it starts moving towards the flame, knowing perfectly well that the closer it comes - it becomes hotter and hotter and the danger becomes very clear - that coming too close means being consumed by the flame.

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