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Chapter 24: Bring in the New Man

All the monks had seen the spirit come out of the wall long enough to utter just one word. But each monk had heard a different word. The event is immortalized in this poem:

The one who wanted to die heard live.
The one who wanted to live heard die.
The one who wanted to take heard give.
The one who wanted to give heard keep.
The one who was always alert heard sleep.
The one who was always asleep heard wake.
The one who wanted to leave heard stay.
The one who wanted to stay, depart.
The one who never spoke heard preach.
The one who always preached heard pray.
Each one learned how he had been in someone else’s way.

What I am saying has to be conveyed to as many people as possible, and as fast as possible. Use all modern media to reach as many people as possible. Still, be aware that it is very difficult to communicate. It is almost an impossibility to communicate; still it has to be done. Even if fragments of what I am saying are understood, it will be enough to create the field, the energy field, in which the new man can be conceived.

Even if people misunderstand it.it is better to understand the truth, but even if the truth is misunderstood it is better than a lie. Something of the truth will remain in the misunderstanding too. And truth is a potential power, a great power. Even if a fragment, just a seed of truth, falls into your heart, sooner or later you will become the Garden of Eden. It cannot be avoided. Just a drop, and the whole ocean will find its way towards you.

It has to be done. You have to create my message in as many forms as possible. Compose music, play on the guitar or on the flute, because it is easier to stir the heart of the people, to wake it up through music than through words. Dance, but dance in a new way so your dance becomes the teaching of meditation. Dance in such a way that the one who looks at you starts feeling that it is not only a dance but something more, something plus; so that he starts feeling the vibe of meditation that is happening inside you.

Paint: paint pictures which can become objects of meditation, paint pictures of the inner sky of buddhas. The modern painting is pathological. If you look at Picasso’s paintings you cannot look long, you will start feeling uneasy. You cannot have Picasso paintings in your bedroom, because then you will have nightmares. If you meditate on a Picasso painting long enough you will go mad, because those paintings are out of Picasso’s madness.

Go to Ajanta, Ellora, Khajuraho, Konarak, and you will see a totally different world of creativity. Looking at the statue of a buddha, something in you starts falling in tune. Sitting silently with a buddha statue, you start becoming silent. The very posture, the very shape, the face, the closed eyes, the silence that surrounds a marble statue will help you to get connected with your own inner sources of silence.

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