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Chapter 8: God Is Not a Solution but a Problem

Charles Darwin was simply saying, “I am not against any God, I don’t know any God.” He was a very fearful person, and he was a Christian. He used to pray; in fact he started to pray more after he wrote the theory of evolution. He became very much afraid: who knows, perhaps he was doing something against God. He had believed that God created the world, but the facts of nature were telling a different story: everything is evolving, life is never the same again.

So if anybody believes in God, he cannot believe that you are a being. Only things are created; they have a beginning and an end; beings are eternal.

Because of this fact, two religions in India, Jainism and Buddhism, dropped the idea of God - because to keep that idea simply meant you were dropping the idea of being, which is far more significant. They would have liked to keep both, but it was logically impossible.

Once you accept that you have been created, you accept the other part of it, that the same whimsical man, any day, can un-create you. So what meaning do you have? - just a toy in the hands of some whimsical old man. So whenever he wants, he plays with the toys, and whenever he wants, he destroys them? It was really a great, courageous step on the part of Mahavira and Buddha to choose being and drop the idea of God - and that too, twenty-five centuries ago. They could simply see that you cannot manage both; they are against each other. But they were not aware of evolution; that was a later development. Now we know that creation goes against the idea of evolution too.

Creation and evolution are absolutely against each other. Creation means completion; evolution means constant growth. Growth is possible only if things are imperfect and remain imperfect. Howsoever they grow there is always a possibility of growing more.

There are a few other things which have to be considered. If you are created, you can’t have freedom. Have you seen any machinery having freedom, any thing having freedom? Anything that is created is in the hands of the creator, just like a puppet. He has the strings in his hands; he pulls one string. You must have seen a puppet show. The strings are pulled, the man is behind the screen; you don’t see him, you simply see the puppets, and they dance and they fight, but that is all false - the puppeteer is the reality.

These puppets cannot have freedom to fight, to love, to get married - all these things happen in a puppet show - to dance or not to dance; or when they don’t want to dance, to say, “No, I am not going to dance.” The puppet cannot say no. And all the religions have been teaching you not to say no: don’t say no to God, to his messiah, to his holy book - never, never think in terms of saying no.

Why? If you cannot say no, what is the meaning of your yes? It is a corollary. Yes has meaning only when you are capable of saying no. If you have to say yes, and there is no other alternative except yes.

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