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Chapter 35: Discontinuity

But very few people have understood the inner working of their own psychology. Rather than living, they start protecting. The same energy that could have become a song and a dance becomes involved in creating more money, more power, more ambition, more security. The same energy that could have been a tremendously beautiful flower of love becomes just an imprisonment in a marriage. Marriage is secure - by law, by social convention, by your own idea of respectability and what people will say. Everybody is afraid of everybody else.so people go on pretending.

Love disappears; it is not in your hands. It comes just like the breeze comes, and it goes just like the breeze goes. Those who are alert and aware dance with the breeze, relish it to its deepest potential, enjoy its coolness and fragrance, and when it is gone they are not sorry and sad. It was a gift from the unknown, it may come again. They wait.it comes again and again. They learn slowly a deep patience and waiting.

But most human beings down the centuries have done the very opposite. Afraid that the breeze may go out, they close all the doors, all the windows, all possible cracks from where it can escape. This is their arrangement for security. This is called marriage. But now they are shocked. When all the windows and the doors are closed and they have plugged even small cracks, instead of having a great, cool, fragrant breeze they have only a stale dead air.

Everybody feels it - but it needs courage to recognize that they have destroyed the beauty of the breeze by capturing it. In life nothing can be captured and imprisoned. One has to live in openness, allowing all kinds of experiences to happen, being fully grateful as long as they last, thankful - but not afraid of tomorrow.

If today has brought a beautiful morning, a beautiful sunrise, songs of birds, great flowers, why be worried about tomorrow? - because tomorrow will be another today. Maybe the sunrise will have different colors, maybe the birds may change their songs a little, maybe there will be rainclouds and the dance of the rain - but that has its own beauty, that has its own nourishment.

It is good that things go on changing, that every evening is not the same, that every day is not exactly a repetition. Something new.that is the very excitement and ecstasy of life; otherwise man will be so bored. And those who have made their life completely secure are bored. They are bored with their wives, they are bored with their children, they are bored with their friends. Boredom is the experience of millions of people, although they smile to hide it.

Friedrich Nietzsche is right when he says, “Don’t think I am a happy man. I smile just to prevent my tears. I become busy in smiling so I can prevent my tears. If I don’t smile, tears are bound to come.” Completely wrong attitudes have been taught to people: hide your tears, remain always at a distance, keep others at least at arm’s length. Don’t allow others too close, because then they may know your inner misery, your boredom, your anguish; they may know your sickness.

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