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Chapter 8: Zorba the Buddha - Man of the Future

Zorba is a fictitious character, a man who believed in the pleasures of the body, in the pleasures of the senses. He enjoyed life to the fullest, without bothering about what is going to happen to him in the next life, whether he will enter into heaven or be thrown into hell. He was a poor servant; his boss was very rich, but very serious, long faced - very British.

One full-moon night.I have not been able to forget what he said to his boss. Zorba was in his cabin. He went outside, with his guitar - he was going to dance on the beach - and he invited the boss. He said, “Boss, only one thing is wrong with you - you think too much. Just come on! This is not the time for thinking; the moon is full, and the whole ocean is dancing. Don’t miss this challenge.”

He dragged the boss by his arm. His boss tried not to go with him, because Zorba was absolutely mad, he used to dance on the beach every night! The boss was feeling embarrassed.. What if somebody comes and sees that he is also standing with Zorba? And Zorba was not only inviting his boss to stand by; he was inviting him to start dancing!

Seeing the full-moon night and the ocean dancing, and the waves, and Zorba singing with his guitar, suddenly the boss started feeling an energy in his legs that he had never felt before. Encouraged and persuaded, he finally joined the dance; at first reluctantly, glancing all around, but there was nobody on the beach in the middle of the night. Then he forgot all about the world, and started. He became one with Zorba the dancer, and the ocean the dancer, and the moon the dancer. Everything became lost. It all became a dance.

Zorba is a fictitious character, and Buddha is an adjective for anyone who drops his sleep and becomes awake. No Buddhist need feel hurt.

I am giving Buddha energy to dance, and I am giving Zorba eyes to see beyond the skies to faraway destinies of existence and evolution.

My rebel is nobody other than Zorba the Buddha.

You are the true rebel, you are the new man, and you are a master midwife helping to give birth to us. Since true rebellion is born out of awareness, love, and meditation, as if it is an alchemy, a living wholeness unto which we simply need to awaken, how can this rebellion catch like wildfire?

The question is not how this rebellion can catch like a wildfire. The question is for you to catch the flame, for you to become a rebel. Don’t be worried about how the world should catch the rebellious spirit. You are the world, every individual is the world.

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