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Chapter 4: The Drunken Dancer

Because of this duality, Nietzsche could say: “God is dead.” What is the need of him? He created the world - finished! Why go on carrying the load? What is the need of God? Once he created the world then what is the need? The world is there, you are there. This God can only be a hindrance. He will come between you and your life - be finished with him!

And Nietzsche was right in a way: that is the logical conclusion of duality. The world is perfectly right without him. Why bring him in? In fact, the more you bring him in, the more trouble arises. Look at the religions: how many wars, murders, violence? What has not happened in the name of religion? The world has suffered tremendously.

“.Be finished with God! He created the world; give him a last thank you and be finished. Now he is no longer needed. Already too old, almost a ruin..” Nietzsche said, “God is dead, and man is free now.” This is the logical conclusion of dualistic thinking.

In the East we have never thought of God as a painter, we have thought of God as a dancer. The dance cannot be separated from the dancer; the painting can be separated. That’s why dance is alive and painting is dead. Howsoever beautiful a painting, it is dead. It is separate from the creator. The moment it is separate it is dead. It may have lived a life in the mind of the painter; it may have been alive when it was not painted. The moment it is painted it is finished; it is already a dead product. But a dance.

In India we call God nataraj, the god of dancers. You must have seen Shiva dancing. That is the Eastern concept about the divine - a non-dual concept. When the dancer stops, the dancing stops. You cannot separate the dancing from the dancer. And dancing comes to a culmination, to a crescendo, when the dancer is completely lost in it; when there is neither a dancer nor a dancing; both are one - one movement of sheer energy and delight.

That’s why nothing can be compared with dancing - poetry, painting, sculpture, nothing comes close to it. Dancing remains the supreme art. And that is the first art that was born and that will remain the last art also, because dancing has some quality in it of life itself.

God is a dancer. He is not a creator in the sense of a painter; he is a creator in the sense of a dancer.

Then let me say it in another way. God is not a creator but creativity.a dynamic energy. The moment you say creator, he is dead. The very word creator has a full-stop in it. Creativity with an open end, tremendously moving and moving and reaching to higher and higher peaks..

The animals are a dance of God, the trees are also a dance of God, humanity is also a dance of God, reaching higher and higher. God is moving faster and faster - more mad, more fast, getting dissolved into his dance.

A Buddha or a Jesus is the ultimate of his dance.where the dancer is so completely drunk and mad that he has become the dance.

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