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Chapter 17: Becoming Is Going Away from Being

Just look at people carrying crosses on their shoulders all around. What kind of a world will that be?

Even Christians, even the pope, who represents Jesus, they don’t carry the cross on their shoulders. They have golden crosses hanging around their necks. Jesus never said to make golden crosses and hang beautiful golden chains around your neck. These people are deceiving their own master. Crosses are not made of gold.

The cross on which Jesus was crucified was so heavy that he fell three times on the road. He was a young man, thirty-three, and he was a carpenter’s son, who was accustomed to carry logs, wood, from the forest to his father’s carpentry shop. If that man fell three times, what about me? - I have never entered any carpenter’s shop, and I have never carried anything, what to say about a cross?

But these so-called Christians, if they are really Christians, should make great, heavy crosses, so when they are going from the house to the office, at least three times they should fall. And rather than reaching the office, they would be carried in an ambulance to the hospital. Then they would be real Christians.

Jesus never laughed, never smiled; he was utterly serious - obviously, because he was the savior and he had come to save the whole world. But he could not save himself.

My approach is totally different. I cannot consider Jesus a man of enlightenment because the first proof of enlightenment - the laughter - is missing. He is a miserable creature. In fact, masochistic, torturing himself and teaching others to torture themselves. Moses is not enlightened. They are all serious people and these people have made the whole world serious. Can you laugh before Moses, who has seen God face to face? Even as far as I know, looking at Moses, God also could not laugh.

In the East we know thousands of enlightened people, but one thing is absolutely characteristic of enlightened people, and that is their joyousness, their laughter, their dance, their singing.

Krishna’s flute is far more spiritual than Jesus’ cross. Krishna is dancing. Can you conceive Jesus dancing? With the cross it will be difficult.

Krishna is dancing and playing on his flute, and all the beautiful girls run towards the place where he is playing on his flute. And those girls start dancing around him. Can you imagine Jesus, with his cross, dancing, and beautiful girls running towards him?

Only those twelve fools, who Christians think are apostles - they will be there. And none of them is capable of dancing. Somebody is a fisherman, somebody is a woodcutter - all uneducated, illiterate. And of course, Jesus moved with this gay company his whole life. Somehow he seems to be the founder of the gay people. What the hell was he doing with these twelve stupid boys! No, I cannot believe that this man is enlightened.

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