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Chapter 23: Existence Is Very Shy

The followers of Ramakrishna were very afraid to take him anywhere. And he was invited by the disciples if there was a marriage, just to bless.and he would never say no to anybody. But to take him to that place was a great problem. The problem was that if anybody on the way, just casually, pronounced the name of God, that would trigger in him strange experiences.

He may stand in the middle of the road almost frozen, as if he has become a marble statue. The traffic will stop, the police will come, and the disciples will say, “We will take him but don’t disturb him, don’t touch him.” In the marriage ceremony, if there is being sung a devotional song, he will start dancing. And the whole marriage ceremony will be disturbed, because everybody will forget about the bride and the bridegroom; he will become the center of the whole celebration.

And he was such a lovely and such a beautiful person, radiating so much joy.he was not an ascetic - dry, desert-like. He was a garden full of flowers. And when he was dancing, by and by people would become infected, and others would start dancing. Sometimes it was found that the bride and the bridegroom were dancing also. In the center was Ramakrishna and he had disturbed the whole ceremony. And the priest who had come to perform the ritual of marriage was standing in the corner looking at the whole scene: “What to do? Who is going to be married with whom?”

The disciples used to say to people, “Never invite him. He is a continuous nuisance anywhere, and we cannot stop him because it is beyond his capacity to stop.” He has fallen many times on the road in a trance. He will go absolutely inside.in the middle of the road he is lying with his eyes closed, his disciples surrounding him, feeling very embarrassed: “What kind of master have you got? Wherever you go some trouble is bound to happen.”

Once he remained for six days in such a coma. The doctors declared, “It is a coma,” but his disciples said, “You are not able to understand a man like Ramakrishna. It is not a coma, he is in deep samadhi - and we will wait. If we have to wait our whole lives, we will wait and take care of his body.”

And after six days he came back, opened his eyes, and with tears said, “Why have you awakened me? You don’t know - what you thought was my unconsciousness was my purest consciousness, and what you think is my awakening is falling back again into the unconscious world.”

What he was saying was exactly the definition made by Patanjali - who is the authority on samadhi, the ancientmost authority. Nobody has been able to go further than that. He has defined samadhi from all possible aspects. There has very rarely been such a case, when one single man has developed a whole science - the whole science of yoga is the contribution of a single man, Patanjali. With all its far-reaching effects.he has not left a single thing unmentioned.

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