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Chapter 20: Religion Can Only Be Aesthetic

Who has told him to go through so much suffering? Anybody can give him a free shave. Now, he has imposed upon himself a stupid thing and people are praising him for his great disciplined life. This is not discipline, this is self-torture. And the reason is that he is not the body, so why should he take a bath? Now, the body without you cannot take the bath, that is certain. The body without you cannot have a good mouthwash.

The reasoning goes that people try to decorate their body. Your brushing the teeth - you may have never thought - is condemned by the Jainas because it is beautifying your body, which is really part of your sexuality. Having a bath, having a beautiful body, a good hairstyle, is certainly indicative that you are interested in bodies. If you are interested in your own body, you are certainly interested in other people’s bodies also. And a man who has renounced the material world has also renounced his own body.

In fact these people are not saints. Looked at without any prejudice they are psychologically sick, masochists who enjoy torturing themselves. There are many in mad asylums but people don’t know that they are Jaina saints. You are unnecessarily putting them into a madhouse. They torture themselves and they enjoy it.

There are two pathological categories: One is of masochists, who enjoy being tortured, and the other is of sadists, who enjoy torturing others. And it is said that the only perfect marriage is between a sadist and a masochist. Certainly it will be perfect. The husband beats and the wife enjoys. And the husband enjoys because he is beating, or vice versa.

I used to be a student of a professor whose every lecture started with the description of how he had been misbehaved with, mistreated by his wife that morning. One day I heard it, the next day I heard it, the third day I had to stand up. I said, “This is too much. I can say from the symptoms that you are a masochist.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I mean, you enjoy being tortured. Otherwise, what is the point? Here you teach economics - what relationship does it have with your wife? And before standing up I have inquired about everything. I have been to your wife too, because I never question anything without proper homework.”

His wife was really dangerous. The one who chose her.and it was a love marriage! She was bigger than the professor, stronger than the professor, uglier than the professor, in every way ahead of him. And I inquired of the people in the neighborhood. They said, “They are a strange couple. The wife beats the professor.”

I said, “It is not news to me, because the professor himself, every day, begins his lecture with it. Half of the lecture is about how he has been mistreated, misbehaved with by his wife. He is not hiding it. And I have seen when he relates it.the joy on his face. Both need to be in psychiatric hospitals.”

But the neighbors said, “Whatever you may say, they are both happy.”

I said, “That’s true. That’s the perfect marriage. The wife is perfectly happy; she beats the husband, tortures him in every way. Even with the doors open - neighbors are looking in and she is sitting on the chest of her husband.”

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