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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

Why? - because to change the human mind means that for millions of years you have been behaving stupidly, that all your great ancestors have been simply fools and nothing else. They knew nothing about human consciousness; they were unconscious, they were blind. And blind people have been leading other blind people towards the goal of light. It seems it is difficult to accept that our whole past has been wrong. It is better to destroy the whole future but remain stubborn that our past has been right: Let man die, but save your ego.

That will give you a clue why I am a danger just for an overnight stay, and American nuclear missiles are not dangerous. They think alike; their mathematics is the same.

To them I am a dangerous person because I have no pride in the past. I am a dangerous person because I do not consider that for thousands of years man has lived intelligently; otherwise why so much misery, why so much anxiety, why so much anguish? The fruit shows the quality of the tree. And the fruit that we have shows that the whole human past went wrong somewhere, and just out of ego went on pushing in a wrong direction.

I am ready and willing to change my ideas if somebody can show me that they are wrong, that they will not lead to the good of the people. But nobody is ready to do that; they simply accept it. No argument is needed, no discussion is needed.

The government of Spain was continually thinking for one month whether or not to allow me into Spain. They have nuclear bases for the American army; they are members of NATO, and the man who is the prime minister became prime minister by promising the people of Spain that he would pull Spain out of NATO, and that he would order the American bases to be removed from Spain. And the people of Spain don’t want.because they have seen Franco, who ruled for forty years with absolute dictatorship; he destroyed all freedom of thinking and killed anybody who said anything against him. After forty years of this experience, this nightmare, they don’t want to get into another nightmare again.

They voted in this man on a single point - that he was promising that he would pull out of NATO and force the Americans to leave Spain. Two years have passed and the people have been asking, “What happened? You are not pulling out of NATO, and neither are the American bases moving out of Spain.”

In these two years, the man.when he had come to power he was not a politician, but these two years have turned him into a politician. He said, “My experience of two years in power makes me change my idea: we are going to remain in NATO, and American bases are going to remain in Spain.”

It was such a betrayal that the people demanded a vote on the point, a referendum. But the prime minister, the whole bureaucracy, the whole government, is now for American military bases and membership in NATO. Still, they do not have a big majority. The young people of Spain have still voted against them: forty-five percent of the people have voted against NATO. But the government with all their powers.certainly they managed to get just a little bit bigger number of votes in favor.

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