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Chapter 12: You Are Accepted by the Whole Universe

I said, “Now it is absolutely impossible for me to resist the temptation. I will cross it.”

He said, “You will die. You will not be able to cross such a strong mountainous current.”

I said, “It will be a glorious death, but I am going to cross it.”

The whole village gathered when I crossed the river. I was only twelve years of age. Nobody had done it before, it looked so dangerous. It took me almost six miles downstream to reach the other shore, and many times I felt that it was going to be impossible. But I crossed it.

Later on my father said to me, “Can’t you understand anything?”

I said, “That’s what I am trying to do, but you don’t let me understand.”

I had made it clear to the whole family, “Don’t order; otherwise I am not going to obey. You are making me disobedient. The whole crime will be on your heads. I simply want to have explanations and to be left at liberty to decide for myself. You should have explained to me the whole situation of the river, how dangerous it can be, and that is all; then it would have been my decision to do it or not to do it.

“But it has to be my decision, not anybody else’s. I understand your intention is good, but the way you are trying to impose your intention is very dangerous. Rather than seeing the death of my intelligence I would like to die myself, because what is the point of living like a robot?”

So Goethe is correct: obedience is one of the greatest sins. All the religions have perpetuated it, and all the generations have perpetuated it.

He is absolutely right when he says about chastity that it is unbearable. It is not only unbearable - he is not being absolutely correct - it is impossible. Chastity is against nature, and in anything against nature you are going to be a loser. You can be victorious with nature; against it, your defeat is sure and certain.

But that’s what for centuries we have been told, to be chaste - and at a time when it is naturally and absolutely impossible. At the age of fourteen the boy becomes sexually mature, nature is ready, the boy is capable of reproducing. At thirteen the girl is ready to reproduce. But all the societies prolong.There is education, the university.

The scientific fact is that between fourteen and twenty-one, somewhere near eighteen and a half, the boy comes to the very highest peak of sexual energy, which he will never attain again. And the same is true with the girl: somewhere near seventeen and a half she comes to the greatest peak of attaining orgasmic experience.

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