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Chapter 6: This Is the Whole World I Have

But what I am saying is allopathic. It is poison. Play carefully. It helps tremendously, it can harm also. And this is the criterion: Whatsoever helps can also harm. If something cannot harm it cannot help either. The possibility is always of both. It is dangerous because it is powerful. If something is not dangerous, it means it is powerless, it has no potency.

Yes, they are dangerous. Before you decide to enter, think twice. And don’t enter into my meditations as students - that can be dangerous. Enter as disciples. Don’t enter into my meditations curiously. No, curiosity can lead you to dangers. If you are really ready, ready to face madness, only then you are welcome. Otherwise - remain normal. Cling to the second layer and the first layer. At least you are not in danger. You will not attain to anything but you will also not lose anything. You can waste your life easily, with comfort. You can live comfortably, and you can die comfortably.

With me, there is danger. If you succeed with me, you can live tremendously. If you fail, you go mad.

But you can fail only if you don’t listen to me. If you listen to me there is no question of it.

I am not talking of anything theoretically. Whatsoever I am saying, I have done, I have passed through it, I know what is possible, what is not possible. what can happen, what can go wrong. Every inch of the territory is known to me, so if something goes wrong that means only that you have not been listening to me.

If you listen to me, trust me, nothing can go wrong; that is how trust, a deep trust and surrender are needed.

Enough for today.