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Chapter 37: Each Moment Is Insecure

And these people belong to the same race - the politicians. They think in the same way. Their parties may be different, their countries may be different, but their basic reasoning is the same. If they see that America is afraid, being such a big power, then a small country like this should not take the risk.

Germany is insisting to this government, to every government, that I am a dangerous man. It is not wrong, but the meaning they give to “dangerous man”.perhaps I will kill their president or create a terrorist movement or start throwing bombs on people and hijacking their airplanes. What do they mean by “dangerous man”?

One man in Spain, a famous novelist, was very much interested in me because he has read a few of my books which have been translated into Spanish. He was working for one month continuously for me to go to Spain, and he is well known in the whole Spanish speaking world, well respected, even by the politicians. He was talking to the president, to the prime minister, to the royal family, and they were all willing for me to come there. Then these letters from America, from Germany, from Greece, from Italy, started pouring in.

Just yesterday he informed me, “Now it has become difficult. Even the president has told me, ‘You don’t get involved in it. That man is very dangerous. Even your association with that man may bring difficulties to you; you just keep out, don’t mention his name!’”

But he asked, “What danger is there?”

He said, “You don’t ask! It is a very dangerous situation.”

So, many countries.. The European parliament is passing a bill that I should not be allowed in any airport in Europe. Countries like the Bahamas, and other countries - Panama, and a few islands near Panama, I have not even heard their names - and their parliaments have started discussing and deciding that I should not be allowed in their country.

Every man’s life is in insecurity, but you are not so aware of it. You go on, sleepily. Yes, people die, people are murdered, everything happens, cancer and AIDS and everything, but still you go on thinking that it is not going to happen to you. But with me it is not a question that it is not going to happen: it is already happening. So each moment is insecure.

You have to be courageous, alert and capable of using the opportunity that may be cut any moment. Make it a point that it is good that reality, which to others is hidden, to us is no longer hidden; it is clear and open. Face it! And the only way to face it is to live moment to moment as totally and intensively as possible.

You cannot afford to be sleepy and unconscious, just dragging on. You have to become alert. You have to become a flame so that whatsoever happens the next moment does not matter: you have lived my presence, my love, as totally as possible.