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Chapter 5: Man Is a Myth

To a fly that likes the smell
Of putrid meat,
The fragrance
Of sandalwood is foul.
Beings who discard nirvana
Covet coarse samsara’s realm.

An ox’s footprints filled with water
Will soon dry up;
So with a mind that’s firm
But full of qualities
That are not perfect,
These imperfections
Will in time dry up.

Like salt sea water that turns sweet
When drunk up by the clouds,
So a firm mind
That works for others,
Turns the poison of
Sense-objects into nectar.

If ineffable,
Never is one unsatisfied,
If unimaginable,
It must be bliss itself.
Though from a cloud
One fears the thunderclap,
The crops ripen
When from it pours the rain.

Man is a myth, and the most dangerous myth, because if you believe that man exists then you don’t try to evolve the man at all, there is no need. If you believe that you are already a man, then all growth stops.

You are not already a man, you are just a potentiality to be. You can be, you may not be, you may miss. Remember, it can be missed.

Man is not born; it is not a given fact, you cannot take it for granted. It is just a possibility. Man exists as a seed, not as a tree - not yet. Man is not yet actual, and the difference between the potential and the actual is great.

Man as he exists is just a machine, yet he works, yet he succeeds in the world, yet he lives a so-called life and dies. But remember, he exists not. His function is that of a mechanism, he is a robot.

Man is a machine. Yes, this machine can grow something in it which can go beyond mechanism. This machine is no ordinary machine; it has tremendous potentiality to go beyond itself. It can produce something transcendental to its own structure. Sometimes it has produced.a Buddha, a Christ, a Gurdjieff - sometimes it has produced a man. But don’t you believe that you are already a man. If you believe, your belief will be suicidal - because once we believe that something is already there then we stop looking for it, then we stop creating it, then we stop discovering it, then we stop evolving it.

Just think: an ill person, a seriously ill person, thinks he is healthy. Why should he go to the doctor? Why should he take any medicine? Why should he go under treatment? Why should he be willing to go to the hospital? He believes he is healthy, he’s in perfect health.and he is dying! His belief will kill him.

That’s why I say this myth is very dangerous, the most dangerous myth ever evolved by the priests and the politicians: that man is already on the earth. These millions of people on the earth are just possibilities, and unfortunately, the majority of them are never going to become actual; unfortunately, many of them will die as machines.

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