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Chapter 17: A No-Return State of Affairs

I know about people who have only phones, without any connections - just to show that they are doing great business. I used to have a friend.one day I saw that he was phoning somebody, I stopped my car, I entered into his shop and he was talking; he was saying, “No, right now it will not be possible for me to come. I am waiting for somebody.”

I said, “Great! From where did you get the telephone?” And just behind me came the man from the telephone company and he said, “I have come to connect the telephone.”

I said, “To whom were you talking? The telephone is not connected yet - just without a connection you were pretending, to convince me that you have a telephone.”

There is nothing wrong in being a phony sannyasin. That means you have a telephone. But I am worried that in a bamboo hut.is the telephone connected or have you just got it from some junkie? There are junkie people around - there are markets where junk is available and you can get telephones. And I am worried - what were you doing with the telephone? With a rented bicycle.who was going to telephone you?

And then you say, “It seems I am a dangerous lion in a sheepskin.” Both things cannot be together: either you can be a lion.you can be hiding yourself in a sheepskin, but it has never been heard of. Just vice versa has always been heard, that sheep hide behind a lion’s skin. But they are not dangerous. You are doing a great, stupid, but unique thing: a lion hiding behind a sheepskin! It has never been heard of down the corridors of history.

And still you think you are dangerous - then why the sheepskin? Are you afraid? Certainly you must be, because a stray dog bites you and you cannot do anything. Even a sheep would have done something - and you are a dangerous lion!

And lions don’t have fingers to cut. They don’t use fingers for cutting; for cutting, they use teeth. Are you a toothless lion, ancient and old?

You are in such a mess.

Obviously you cannot handle it anymore. That’s why you have started loving me. Now I have to handle it.

Don’t be worried, I will find some girl-enemy for you. How many girl-enemies do you want? One dozen will do? because here we think in dozens. It is a wholesale market, it is not a little shop.

But you don’t have money, you have only a rented bamboo hut, and now you cannot even rent a bicycle. What will you do with a woman? And just a few days before, I have told you, “Drop this idea of ‘girlfriend.’” Still you did not listen, and now when the money is gone, understanding has come. Now you don’t call it girlfriend, now you have started calling it girl-enemy.

In fact, you must be aware that the girl must have loved your backpack, not you, so when she found time she stole the money. In a way, she has helped you. Now you will have to walk to enlightenment - a good exercise, fresh air, and nobody to phone you nor anybody for you to phone. No need even to pay the rent of a bamboo hut. You are now totally free.

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