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Chapter 1: The Individual Versus the Society

Was poisoning Socrates the answer? Nobody is respected more in the whole history of Greece than Socrates. People have completely forgotten the names of those who had decided to poison him. But Socrates’ name will remain immortal as long as human beings are on the earth. Even today he is contemporary. His thinking must have had tremendous insight for two thousand years to have passed without him being out of date. He was their very cream - the genius of the whole Greek mind - and they destroyed him.

It seems that there has been a conspiracy, going on for centuries, of mediocre people against the genius. And of course the mediocre people are in the majority - they have all the power. They have the government, they have the military, they have the police, they have the nuclear weapons. The genius has nothing except his intelligence, and intelligence is basically revolutionary; it cannot be otherwise. Its very quality, its intrinsic quality, is rebellion - rebellion against darkness, rebellion against untruth, rebellion against slavery, rebellion against everything that prevents man from becoming his total, grown-up self.

All these countries have simply proved that a single individual is still more powerful than countries which have nuclear weapons; otherwise there is no need to be so afraid.

In England they did not allow me to stay overnight in the airport lounge - which is meant for that. I had my own jet, but just to not take a chance, I had also purchased two first-class tickets. The lounge is meant for people who are going to change their planes, but they would not allow me to stay in the lounge. One of my friends just happened to look into the file of a man.he had left his file on the table and gone to the bathroom. He just looked into the file. Everything in detail had been ordered by the government before I had even landed at the airport: if I come, then I should not be allowed to stay overnight in the lounge; I should be forced to stay in jail overnight because I am a dangerous man.

I said to the person, “What danger can I be? I will be sleeping. It is already eleven o’clock in the night, and I will simply be sleeping in the lounge. And from the lounge there is no way to enter England!”

But he said, “We cannot do anything about it. We cannot leave you free; you have to be in jail if you want to stay overnight.”

In Sweden they did the same. Germany has passed an order that no visa should be allowed to me from any embassy. Strange.and we call this “civilization.” Civilization has not happened yet. This is all fake.

I was dangerous - now the cloud carrying the nuclear radiation from Chernobyl.prevent it and put it in a jail! It is not dangerous? Now they are all feeling impotent; they can’t do anything. And I am subversive, because I have been saying for years, “Don’t play with nuclear energy because you cannot control whether anything goes wrong.” Now something has gone wrong, and they are all helpless. And it is not going to be a one-day thing; its effects will continue for decades.

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