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Chapter 32: “No Fight” Is the Central Teaching

So Tantra will not appeal generally. And if it does appeal, it will appeal for wrong reasons. For example, if you want to indulge in sex then you can rationalize your indulgence through Tantra. That can become the appeal. If you want to indulge in wine, in women, in other things, you can feel attracted toward Tantra. But really, you are not attracted to Tantra. Tantra is a facade - a trick. You are attracted to something else which you think Tantra allows you. So Tantra always appeals for wrong reasons.

Tantra is not to help your indulgence, it is to transform it. So do not deceive yourself. Through Tantra you can deceive yourself very easily, and because of this possibility of deception Mahavira would not describe Tantra. This possibility is always there. And man is so deceptive that he can show one thing when he really means another, he can rationalize.

For example, in China, in old China, there was something like Tantra - a secret science. It is known as Tao. Tao has similar trends to Tantra. For example, Tao says that it is good, if you want to be freed of sex, that you should not stick to one person - to one woman or one man. You should not stick to one person if you want to be freed. Tao says that it is better to go on changing partners.

This is absolutely right, but you can rationalize it; you can deceive yourself. You may just be a sex maniac and you can think that “I am doing Tantra practice, so I cannot stick to one woman. I have to change.” And many emperors in China practiced it. They had big harems only for this.

But Tao is meaningful if you look deep down into human psychology. If you know only one woman, sooner or later your attraction for that woman will wither away, but your attraction for women will remain. You will be attracted by the other sex. This woman, your wife, will really not be of the opposite sex. She will not attract you, she will not be a magnet for you. You will have become accustomed to her.

Tao says that if a man moves amidst many women, he will not only go beyond one, he will go beyond the opposite sex. The very knowledge of many women will help him to transcend. And this is right - but dangerous, because you would like it not because it is right but because it gives you license. That is the problem with Tantra.

So in China also that knowledge was suppressed; it had to be suppressed. In India Tantra was also suppressed because it said many dangerous things - dangerous only because you are deceptive. Otherwise they are wonderful. Nothing has happened to the human mind that is more wonderful and mysterious than Tantra; no knowledge is so deep.

But knowledge always has its dangers. For example, now science has become a danger because it has come to know many deep secrets. Now it knows how to create atomic energy. Einstein is reported to have said that if he is again given a life, rather than being a scientist he would like to be a plumber, because as he looks back, his whole life has been futile - not only futile, but dangerous to humanity. And he has given one of the deepest secrets, but to a mankind which is self-deceptive.

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