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Chapter 10: The Fragrance of Friendliness

Rig Veda says, “Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.” Do you agree with this statement?

I do not agree with Rig Veda and its statement. It appears only to the intellectuals as true.

But those who know, know perfectly well that thoughts are simply thoughts. They are neither noble nor ignoble. They are all chains, prisons; how can they be noble? Mind itself is your slavery, how can it be noble? And the ugliest thing in the statement of Rig Veda is that it is asking, “Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.” You are already too full of all kinds of crap - and you are inviting more crap to come to you from every side?

How can I agree with this statement? It may have been made by a great Hindu seer and saint, but because of this statement, this very statement, whoever has made it has shown his ignorance about human consciousness. He does not know the state beyond the mind.

Unless you know the state beyond the mind you are as blind as anyone else, as ignorant as anyone else, with only one difference: you are a hypocrite, you are a pretender, you are showing the world a false face and hiding your reality. Any man who has made this statement is utterly ignorant about spiritual reality. It does not matter that the statement is contained in the ancientmost holy book of the Hindus. To me, each statement has to stand on its own authority. It doesn’t matter from where it comes, who utters it. The statement itself intrinsically is wrong. It shows only one thing: that whoever uttered it was also wrong.

The whole process of religious consciousness is getting rid of thoughts. Yes, noble thoughts are included in this. It doesn’t matter whether your chains are made of gold or just steel. In fact, the chains that are made of gold are more dangerous than the chains made of steel because the chains made of gold can be misunderstood as ornaments; you can start being attached to them and then there is no possibility of freedom at all.

To call any thoughts “noble” is one of the most dangerous statements to make. It goes against all mystical experience. No thought is noble, and therefore no thought is ignoble either. Thoughts are just thoughts. Their function is to keep you clouded so that you cannot see the sun. Their function is to keep you in darkness so you cannot see the light of the day. They surround you in thick layers and keep you disconnected from existence. This separation is our misery. This is our anguish, this is our hell.

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