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Chapter 26: Only One Sin - To Forget Your Being

Could you say something to us about bliss?

I have been blissed out myself for almost thirty-three years. That is exactly the time Jesus lived on earth. Shankara also lived only thirty-three years, Vivekananda too. For the length of the whole life of Jesus I have been blissed out. And this seems to be the right time to ask me what bliss is. It is almost impossible to answer, but remember I am saying “almost.”

The “almost” depends on two things. First: if you are available, open, relaxed, with no idea of what bliss is, just a pure inquiry without any prejudice, without any mind; if your heart is available without any conditions from your side - then perhaps the almost impossible can become possible.

Secondly - and this is an even more difficult thing.. it is as if a person has been dead for thirty-three years. Logically you can ask him, “What is death? - because you have been experiencing death for thirty-three years - how long will you take to define it?” The dead man cannot answer; he is not there.

I am also not here - I am a dead man.

This is the nature of bliss.

As it enters in you, you are no more there.

Both cannot exist together. The coexistence of the ego and bliss is absolutely impossible; only one can exist. It is like darkness and light. You cannot manage some kind of coexistence between darkness and light.

In the East we have the story that darkness appeared before God with tears in her eyes and complained against the sun: “I have not done anything against your sun. I am not even acquainted with him, we have never met; still he goes on harassing me. Wherever I go he reaches me sooner or later, and I am constantly on the run. Now I am really tired, and I want you to do something about it. Why is he after me?”

God called the sun and asked him, “Why are you after darkness? What wrong has she done to you?”

The sun said, “Who is darkness? I have never met her. I would like to be introduced.”

God looked around to where darkness had been standing but nobody was there. Since then God has been trying to arrange some kind of meeting, a roundtable conference, some kind of mediation, negotiation. But although all the religions say that God is all-powerful, in this case he has failed. He has not been able to bring the light, the sun, in front of darkness; only one appears at a time.

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